Yakuza: Like a Dragon Personality Guide

Despite the heavy yakuza-related content, a lot of time is devoted to character development, and the same goes for Yakuza: Like a Dragon. You play as the short-tempered but well-meaning Ichiban Kasuga, who finds himself in a whole new world after being released from prison.

With no real place to live, he just starts to make his way in this world, making friends with a few reliable comrades as well as people in the city. However, as he adapts to the outside world, his behavior and actions will determine his personality and the type of person he eventually becomes.

What is personality in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Ichiban Kasuga has many outstanding qualities, but his personality is something that grows and changes as the game progresses. Ichiban’s personality is a unique indicator for him, which is divided into several categories: Passion, Charisma, Confidence, Kindness, Intelligence and Style. As Ichiban makes certain choices and participates in certain activities, he earns levels in various categories, up to a maximum of 10.

Personality does not affect Ichiban’s physical performance, but it is important to develop each category during the game. Some categories can make your combat abilities more effective, others give Ichiban access to different professions. When it comes to interacting in the world, some people won’t even pay attention to you if you’re not high enough in a certain category.

  • Passion: Determines Ichiban’s fiery energy. Useful for improving the effects of skills such as Fearless Command;
  • Charisma: Determines how charismatic Ichiban can be. Useful for improving the effects of skills such as Charismatic Persuasion;
  • Confidence: Determines how confident Ichiban is in himself and how he behaves. Needed to access certain areas such as the Black Market;
  • Kindness: Defines Ichiban’s compassionate and caring nature. Necessary in order to win over some characters, such as children;
  • Intelligence: Determines Ichiban’s intelligence level. Needed to convince some characters that Ichiban knows what he’s talking about;
  • Style: Defines Ichiban’s fashion sense and trends. Required for access to certain areas, such as the Vanna Casino, and for certain jobs.

personality education

Although Ichiban’s personality traits will increase as you progress through the story and side quests, they don’t provide much. Therefore, there are more effective classes to improve the level of personality.

Ounabara Vocational School

As the story progresses, Ichiban can start a side quest in the East Jinnai Station area, which will give him access to the Ounabara Vocational School. Here, Ichiban can take exams, if successful, he will increase the indicated levels of personality.

Each exam consists of five questions requiring three correct answers. The more difficult the exam, the greater the increase in the level of personality. Keep in mind that exams can be difficult if you don’t know the answers, and also quite expensive to start with.

Cinema “Chaika”

Of all the activities that Ichiban can engage in, watching movies is surprisingly one of the most stressful. After heading to the Seagull Cinema, Ichiban can choose a movie to watch, and you have to knock out REM Sheep to keep him awake.

While it’s not clear which movies boost what, it’s worth using this activity as it’s fairly easy and cheap.

Games, activities and reading

There are various activities and games around the game that Ichiban can play. While they usually only target one category at a time, they can still be useful. Arcades are a great place, usually allowing you to increase Passion, Charisma and Kindness. Also scattered around the city are places to play mahjong, which increases your intelligence as you win.

Even by buying expensive equipment, you can increase Passion and Style. There are also rare books that increase various categories by 50 points. A bank merchant sells several of these books for 80,000 eco-points. Finally, the book Part Time Hero has a Challenges section. It lists various small actions (such as eating at restaurants and buying weapons) that you can take to increase the corresponding personality category. While they may not give you much, most of them are easy to complete, so points can add up quickly.

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