WWE 2K22 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

WWE 2K22 is the continuation of the wrestling simulator. After the game’s release in 2020, the publisher took a step back to re-evaluate and improve the long-running wrestling video game series. The result is an amazing comeback with cover star Rey Mysterio giving us a taste of “619”!

WWE 2K22 Game Tips for Beginners

Both beginners and experienced players will find a lot to enjoy in this new iteration. However, while this game doesn’t take a lot of time to learn, WWE 2K22 can take a while to figure out. This learning curve is especially true for players whose last wrestling experience was with games like WWF Attitude on the Sega Dreamcast. (Luckily, we have plenty of helpful tips to get you up to speed on these suplexes!

Learn the control scheme and then learn it again

WWE 2K22 falls into that category of games that are easy to learn but hard to master. There are no fancy quarter-circle movements to memorize or complicated buttons. Moreover, during the match, the game will remind you of the unique opportunities for returns, signatures and finishers.

However, the control scheme has more depth under the hood. For example, while the tutorial does a useful job of introducing you to the game’s basic controls, WWE 2K22 is waiting to introduce concepts like carrying and dragging opponents. This omission becomes frustrating when you see AI opponents move you around the ring and wonder how they do it.

For a more detailed explanation of the controls, please refer to the controls guide in the Options menu. This section contains detailed control schemes for various situations such as grappling and combos, carrying, dragging and handling items.

Also, if you want to learn the ins and outs of your superstars, you can view their combos and moves in the pause menu during a match. The Moves menu allows you to explore the conditions required to activate various Signature and Finishing Moves in a match.

Consider Match Rules When Determining Strategy

If you go to this game as a WWE superfan, then you probably know all the subtleties and nuances of any match, be it Hell in a Cell, Tornado Tag and others. However, newcomers to WWE or fans who haven’t followed the sports entertainment franchise in a while should brush up on the rules of the matches they’re playing.

For example, Tag Team matches and Mixed Gender Tag Team matches are significantly different from each other. On the one hand, in a Tag Team match, the partner’s tag only affects your team. But on the other hand, in a mixed tag team match, partner designation causes the other team to switch members. In addition, in a mixed team match, you cannot attack opponents with an apron.

Unfortunately, while there are some helpful in-game guides in WWE 2K22, the game takes it for granted that players may not know the rules of the various wrestling matches. Therefore, you will have to play these matches and learn the rules by trial and error.

However, as you learn the ins and outs of the various matches available in WWE 2K22, and there are many, you will begin to develop specific strategies for each one.

Let’s go back to the Tag Team VS comparison again. Mixed Tag Team. In both matches, there is an obstacle in the form of an opposing teammate who can interrupt your capture. However, in a tag match, you can attack an opposing teammate on the apron to prevent him from interrupting you. However, in a mixed tag match, you need to first stun an opposing teammate in the ring and then tag your partner and make a pin.

Take your time doing reverses and breakers

Pushing buttons is a bad choice in any fighting game. However, in WWE 2K22, this is doubly important, with the exception of getting out of a hold or resisting a submission. What’s more, if you’ve come to WWE 2K22 from a fighting game, you’ll feel compelled to press buttons against your best instincts because the fight is much slower.

WWE wrestlers suffer a lot from attacks compared to other video games where characters get hit and keep moving like nothing happened. After all, these are real people taking real staged injuries. These superstars recoil after a strong attack, writhing when knocked to the ground, and as they lose more and more vitality, their movements become significantly more sluggish.

Of course, players can use their special counter for a defensive maneuver to recover faster. However, in most situations, if the opponent catches you in a combo or grapple, you will have to wait for the opportunity to activate the reverse or breaker.

Turnarounds require precise timing at the start of an enemy attack. The game will help you identify these moments with the icon above your wrestler’s head.

However, if you are unable to land a reverse move, the next option is a breaker, which can only be activated after you fall into the combo trap. To break a combo, you need to anticipate the next attack and land it with the same button. If you miss the interrupting blow, you will be left defenseless until the end of the combo.

Pay attention to the special and finishing counters to organize counters

Special move and finisher meters play an important role in WWE 2K22. First, the Special Moves Meter gives your wrestler access to certain moves, such as defensive maneuvers, pullbacks, and signature moves. Second, filling up the finisher meter allows you to unleash devastating finisher attacks that make your opponent more vulnerable to feints.

Understanding what techniques are at your disposal at any given moment can help you turn the tide of a fight. In turn, it is useful to keep track of the counters of the enemy. This will help you anticipate when your opponent will attempt a signature or finishing move and cancel it.

Special counter

The Special Moves meter fills up as you deal and receive damage during a match.

Spend one strip to perform a PROTECTIVE ACTION. Defensive moves are performed while your wrestler is on the ground. In turn, they will get to their feet much faster and defeat your opponent. Spend two ingots to complete the PAY. Payback is a unique, situational move that can only be performed once per match. In addition, various types of return moves are available in the game. Some of them play a defensive role, like Resilience, while others can trigger effective offensive strikes, like Recall. Also, some paybacks, such as Poison Mist and Impact Power, can result in disqualification if you get caught. Spend three ticks to perform a SIGNATURE MOVEMENT. Signature moves are powerful attacks. If you successfully nail them down, you will immediately receive a full finisher meter. Finisher counter
[Запас финишера]

The finisher meter slowly fills up as your wrestler goes on the offensive. In addition, when a signature reception is performed, the finisher counter fills up instantly. The counter on the right side of the counter shows how many finishers you have in stock. The game will prompt you to conduct a finisher when the right situation arises. Landing a finisher leaves your opponent extremely vulnerable to pinning.

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