WoW Shadowlands – All about the game and release date

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At BlizzCon 2019, a new expansion for World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, was announced.

Along with the introductory video, the company revealed some of the novelties that will appear in the game with the new addon.


The maximum level in Shadowlands will be 60. That is, the current maximum level of 120 will turn into 50. In new locations, players will level up to 60. all previous additions. But the ability to pass the old content is not going anywhere. In general, Blizzard promises that now players will feel that their character becomes stronger with each level, opens up new abilities and locations, and not just fills the numbers.


Four of the five new zones will have their own factions that you can join. But only in one. The choice affects the plot and the transmog sets issued by the covenants.

Raids, Dungeons

Of course, with the new addon there will be many new raids and instances. There will even be an endless dungeon that can be completed both alone and as part of a group. There was something similar in the Legion when we trained the Withered, but it quickly got boring. Blizzard says that the new kind of dungeon will not get boring, as the zones in it will be procedurally generated, and the tower itself will never end, only more and more floors will appear.


Yes, the legendaries are back. However, their system will be redesigned compared to the Legion. They will not drop randomly – they can be created by participating in the Tower of the Damned.


With WoW 8.3, ShadowLands pre-purchasers will have the option to create a Death Knight with Allied Races and Pandaren.

Familiar characters

Since the Phantom Deaths is the realm of the dead, we’ll meet a lot of familiar characters. For example, Uther the Lightbringer will live in Bastion, and Kael’thas will live in Revendreth.


At this moment, you can pre-order a new addon. The release date listed on Blizzard’s website is December 31, 2020. Most likely, the new addition, like the previous ones, will be released in late summer or early autumn 2020.

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