Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Plague Master Build

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In this build, the mage will undermine opponents, use poisoning and the power of ether.

In the guide / build for the magician in Wolcen, we will consider what characteristics to pump, the skills used, passives, etc.


Initially, we pump Ferocity, improving our crit, and secondly, Wisdom. You can also pump the rest of the characteristics, but pour the base into ferocity and wisdom.


Light bearer

Taking it, we can teleport, which is very useful for a magician.

Anomaly and Plague Explosion

Basic abilities. With this combination, we will be able to kill crowds of enemies with poison.

Infinite Blades

Great skill for any build. It will also help to deal with a bunch of mobs.

Kaleidoscope of fate

Let’s talk about what passives the Mage should be pumping for the build.

We start with the branches “Soldier” and “Scientist”

Scholar: Heightened Perception -> Unwavering Devotion -> Thirst for Knowledge.

Soldier: Wild Card

Next, we move to the “Wizard” branch and pump these passives:

Hyper self-awareness -> Commitment to extermination -> Acute need -> Self-preservation instinct -> Clear understanding.

Kabbalist: Primal Power -> Strong Will -> Artifact Research


For this build, we advise you to select equipment with a shield and survivability. Also, pick up gear with debuff amplification, as this is our main way of killing mobs.

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