Wisdom gesture in Elden Ring: where to find

In Elden Ring, the Erudition gesture is used as a puzzle-solving tool that is used in conjunction with the Brilliant Crown of Double Wisdom to unlock the secrets of the two towers in Liurnia, a magically focused region of the Interearth. These towers store valuable loot that is worth going on a journey for, especially for those who belong to the character class prone to magic and sorcery. In this guide, we’ll take a detailed look at the path that players must follow in order to receive the gesture from the sorcerer named Tops.

Important: at the time when you receive this gesture, it is called “Erudition”, but in the inventory the name of the gesture is already different – it is “Wisdom”. Keep this in mind if you are a little confused. 😊

How to get the Wisdom gesture

Get the second Academy Magic Key

Before heading to Tops the Sorcerer to receive the Wisdom gesture from him, you will first need to find the second Raya Lukaria Academy Magic Key. It is here that players will be able to fight one of the bosses of the game – the Full Moon Queen Rennala. Players will receive the first key by sneaking behind the dragon outside the academy, which is required to enter the school, but the second key is a little more difficult to obtain.

To find the second Academy Magic Key in Raya Lukaria, players must quickly travel to the debate room. In this room, you must fight Radagon’s Scarlet Wolf.

Once the players are there, follow these steps to get to the location where the required Magic Key is located (feel free to avoid most of the enemies along the way unless they pose a real threat).

From the Living Room, exit through the door to the north into the courtyard. Immediately turn left and go up the ruined path past two enemies. There will be more enemies at the top, so try to avoid them and go up the stairs that adjoin the walls of the academy.

Instead of entering the door leading to the stairs, turn left and jump over the railing to the stairs below. Go up the stairs and then turn left past the magician. It will look like a dead end, but players must jump off the ledge to land on the rooftop below.

Head south along the rooftops until players see a ladder on the right side next to an enemy that shoots arrows from two bows.

Don’t go up the stairs until you’ve dealt with this enemy, otherwise it will shoot at the player during the climb, which can result in death. When the players reach the top of the stairs, run across the bridge and defeat (or avoid) the enemies on the path. At the end of the bridge, turn right and then left to follow the path at the edge of the building. Fall onto the roof below the players to the west.

Walk north along the roof and then drop down to the platform below it. From here, go forward and drop down to another rooftop to the north. From this rooftop, head west to fall onto the next rooftop, and then players will spot an enemy to their right that is firing arrows. Don’t worry about it, but players will need to drop down to the lower platform to the left of it.

Finally, as you head north along the new path, you will see a lot of open windows on the side of the building.

Go inside the building and players will see two large chandeliers that they can climb on. Be careful, because in this place it is very easy to die from a fall.

If players land on the chandelier in the southern part of the room, they will be able to pick up the Magic Key of the Academy. The item will glow blue.

Go to the Irit Temple

With the key in hand, go to the Temple of Iryth (it is located next to the Rock of Lost Grace outside of Thunder Veil Castle). At the back of the temple, by a large statue, players will find the sorcerer Tops, and he will need a key to give players the “Wisdom” gesture.

If the dialogue menu does not give him the key, just keep talking to him until he brings the key, and soon he will take the key from the players in exchange for a gesture.

To use the gesture, players need to go to the “Gestures” section in the pause menu (located under the “Bag” item). Highlight one of the gestures and then select it to switch to the Wisdom gesture.

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