Who to play Leon or Claire first in Resident Evil 2

Which campaign to choose first in Resident Evil 2 – Leon or Claire? For those who don’t know, the game is split into two different campaigns, one focusing on police officer Leon Kennedy’s efforts, and the other on Claire Redfield’s attempt to rescue her brother. While the two scenarios are very similar, there are slight differences in the enemies they face and the locations they visit.

Here are all the distinguishing factors that can be found in the two campaigns, and how they fit together to work in unison. In this Resident Evil 2 guide, we’ll tell you which campaign you should choose first – Leon or Claire.

Which campaign to choose first – Leon or Claire?

From the start, you can choose either Leon’s or Claire’s campaign as your first playthrough of the game. Whichever one you choose, you will have almost the same experience as the first time. The same scenes, the same locations, and almost the same items.

After completing the first scenario, you will have the option to play through the game a second time with a different character. This will be an abbreviated walkthrough that cuts some of the scenes you’ve already seen, such as the intro. The PSone original’s A/B structure has been dropped in favor of two standard campaigns, so some of the differences between the potentially four campaigns have been reduced.

How Campaigns Are Different in Resident Evil 2

This is a very important question. The campaigns in Resident Evil 2 are very similar in structure and how things play out, but there are a couple of major differences as well. First, Leon Kennedy meets with Ada Wong in the underground parking lot of the Raccoon Police Department, where he ends up getting the key to the garage. Meanwhile, Claire teams up with Sherry, which results in her obtaining a garage key in the Chief of Police’s private office.

These two different teams also bring with them two different sequences where you play Ada in Leon’s scenario and Sherry in Claire’s scenario. Those are pretty big differences and you’ll want to try both, especially Sherry, who is a brand new addition to the remake.

In other parts of the game, both characters can enter different rooms in the Raccoon Police Department by picking up different keys. The fight with the alligator in the sewers is only possible in Leon’s campaign, and Claire will get a grenade launcher in her hands at the very beginning of the game. Mister X also appears at different times for both characters.

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