Where to find Tombs of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Tombs of the Fallen are hidden dungeons filled with parkour segments, challenging puzzles, dangerous traps, and valuable loot in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. These four tombs were added in a post-launch update, so if you’re visiting Valhalla for the first time or coming back after a while, we’ve got everything you need to know.

In the four Tombs of the Fallen were buried the heroes of ancient Britain – the various kings, queens and nobles who defended the country from the Roman invasion. These heroes include the engineer Manius, Queen Boudica, King Cassivellaunus and King Venutius. By finding and completing each tomb, you will not only receive a scene with the spirits of these ancient heroes, but also a part of the Fallen Hero armor set.

Tomb of Manius

The Tomb of Manius is the first one you will encounter in this quest. This is also the only tomb you need to find before approaching the others, as the other three won’t spawn before you find the Tomb of Manius.

The tomb is directly opposite your settlement, Ravensthorpe. Canoe or swim across the river where Ravensthorpe stands. Once you reach land on the other side, use your raven to scout from above. Run up to the energy until you find the markers in the area, then interact with them to open the entrance.

Tip: If you use a raven, then the entrances to the Tombs of the Fallen will be immediately recognizable, as they will be marked with blue, swirling energy.

After entering the tomb of Manius, you need to go straight ahead until you reach a room full of golden pressure plates. This little puzzle introduces the simple puzzle mechanic used in all subsequent tombs. Climb up the structure on the left to find an orb that fits into the pressure plate on the left. Use the bow and arrows on the breakable wall on the right to find a moveable block for the pressure plate on the right.

Once you do both, the door to the central tomb will open. It’s a large room with a locked door on the left and a huge stone map at the far end. There are three blue markers on the stone map that indicate the location of other tombs, although it can be difficult to decipher them on the stone block. Take the key in front of the stone map to unlock the door and get the Cape of the Fallen Hero.

Note: After completing the Tomb of Manius, you can approach the remaining three tombs in any order.

Tomb of Boudicci

Boudicca’s tomb is located in the East of England region. Quickly get to Port Elmenham if you’ve found it and cross the river to get to the tomb. As with any other tomb, switch to a comfortable raven perspective to find a flash of blue energy around the entrance to the tomb.

After making your way into the cave and down the slope dotted with deadly spikes, you will find yourself in a large room full of traps, deadly obstacles and pressure plates. On the left there will be a room with a movable block – just pull it out and place it on the pressure plate outside. Climb the wall on the right to find the second moveable block for the corresponding pressure plate.

After these two slabs are filled, you will be able to cross the gap to the other side of the cave. Climb up the structure on the left to find a metal ball to fill the third pressure plate. On the right side of the cave is the last pressure plate. You will need to escort another metal ball, but this time there won’t be any puzzles, just a poison room to run through. Be sure to eat mushrooms on the floor to keep healthy.

Tip: Remember that the metal ball can be tossed up if you need to get over obstacles without dropping it.

From here, the gate to the tomb treasury will open, where you can get Fallen Hero Greaves and Bracer.

Tomb of Venutius

The Tomb of Venutius is located in the middle of the snowy Eurvikshire region, just below the fast travel point. As always, switch to the raven when you are nearby and follow the blue energy vortex to find the entrance to the tomb. Interact with the runes in the area to open the entrance.

The main chamber of this tomb has one large central column with painted bridges on either side. Before climbing up, run along the bottom of the main chamber to get another metal ball. Take it to the top of the central structure and place it on one of the pressure plates.

Once you’re at the top, you can bypass the drawbridges and knock them down with your bow. It doesn’t matter where you go first – left or right. The left drawbridge will take you to a series of parkour obstacles and easy physics puzzles that are pretty easy to solve. The drawbridge on the right will lead you to the center of the labyrinth with ice walls. Fortunately, these ice walls can be easily broken, so stock up on arrows and shoot.

Note: It’s best to use a bow and arrow to find your way out, as there are several flammable barrels here that will explode if you just make your way through these rooms.

Once you fill the pressure plates on both sides, the main gate will open and you can get the Helm of the Fallen Hero.

Tomb of Kassivellaunus

The Tomb of Cassivellaunus is the last tomb in this series of side quests. It is located in the northern part of the Sciropescire region. Directly above it on the map will be a port to which you can quickly move. As with the other three tombs, to find the entrance to the tomb, make sure you switch to the raven, which is signaled by a maelstrom of blue energy.

After finding the entrance, use the canoe to get to the main puzzle room. As always, there will be a few pressure plates that need to be activated in order to open the treasure door – these puzzles and challenges are relatively easier than those found in other tombs.

One of the pressure plates is behind the waterfall on the left. The second pressure plate can be found behind a crack in the wall on the right side of the room. Another plate is hidden in a dilapidated building to the left of the room. The front door will be locked, so go around it and enter through the large opening in the roof. You’ll find a structure key hanging from the ceiling – use it to unlock the door before pushing the pillar out of the building and onto the pressure plate. The last pressure plate in this tomb is behind a small waterfall opposite the ruined building.

Once all four pressure plates have been pressed, the door to the Breastplate of the Fallen Hero will open. You have successfully raided all four tombs and obtained the entire Fallen Hero armor set.

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