Where to find the Secret Medallions of the Holy Tree

Elden Ring has many secrets to uncover as you explore the vast world of Interearth, and is full of interesting bosses, gear, and even places to discover if you get off the beaten track. One of the best places in the game is the Holy Tree of Michella, which is in a secluded corner and is quite difficult to find.

In order to get into this Secret Legacy Dungeon, you need to first collect two medallions and then solve the puzzle. The task is not easy, just like the terrain itself. The Holy Tree of Michella is one of the most difficult places in the game, so before embarking on this journey, you need to follow how it will go.

How to get to the Holy Tree of Michella

consecrated lands

Before you get to the Holy Tree of Michella, you must first get to the Consecrated Ground. To do this, you need to find both halves of the Secret Holy Tree Medallion and put them on Rold’s Big Lift. As expected, obtaining medallion halves is not so easy, so below we will explain in detail how to do it.

Secret Medallion of the Holy Tree (left)

The left half of the Secret Holy Tree Medallion is located deep in the northeastern part of the Giant’s Peaks in Sol Castle. To get to Sol Castle, use the bridge located north of Starscourge Ruins. There, you’ll have to climb up to the castle, fighting off Ghost Knights, Eagles, Wolves, and Slimes.

As soon as you climb to the top of Sol Castle, a foggy wall will open in front of you, leading to the boss – Commander O’Neill. To get the medallion, you must defeat O’Neill and then head to the rooftop of the northeast tower, which becomes accessible. Take the medallion and move on to the next step!

Secret Holy Tree Medallion (Right)

To get the right half of the Secret Holy Tree Medallion, go to the muddy waters of Lake Lyurnia. Once there, head west to Albinore Village and then follow the path on the right side. Right behind the Perfumer, there will be a pot in the wreckage, roll up to it to find Albus, who has disguised himself as a pot. Complete his dialogue to receive the right half of the Secret Holy Tree Medallion.

Rold’s big lift

Once you have both halves of the Secret Holy Tree Medallion, head back to Rold’s Grand Elevator. You should already have a Place of Grace for this area, since you use the same lift to access the Giant’s Peaks. However, if you have passed by the Place of Grace, you can find it by going through the Forbidden Lands, east of Leindell, the capital of the kingdom.

Once you’re at Rold’s Grand Elevator, switch interactions until you see the option to “Pick up the Secret Medallion”. After that, the elevator will activate and take you to the Consecrated Grounds and one step closer to the Holy Tree of Michella.

Ordina, liturgical city

When you arrive at Consecrated Ground, you won’t be able to see much in front of you due to the blizzard, but the map will be enough for you to see the Map Fragment icon marked on it. Place a beacon on a map fragment and go to it to see the entire region. Then find a city north of the Map Fragment and head towards it. This Ordina, the liturgical city.

The mystery of the prison in Ordyna

Ordina is the last barrier between you and the Holy Tree of Mikella. Unfortunately for you, this is a very difficult and rather confusing obstacle, at least at first. You are tasked with lighting four fires found throughout the city.

What’s the catch? A lot of them. While in the prison, you lose access to the Stream and several heavily wounded enemies scattered around the area. If you stay on the ground for too long, you will be in serious danger from assassins with black knives, who can shoot you down in no time. Also, if you get to higher ground, Albinaur archers will spawn there and quickly fire a volley of arrows at you, killing you faster than you can react.

However, there is light at the end of this tunnel – once you chart your path and know where the archers spawn, you can deal with them from higher ground without worrying about assassins. Also, if you light a fire, it will remain burning even if you die, allowing you to focus on others when you return. Each fire can be approached differently, but below are the routes that we thought worked best. If you find one of these methods difficult, feel free to try a different approach or modify ours to suit your playstyle.

First fire

The first fire is located on the central square of the city. Go straight from the prison and jump over the balcony. From there, keep going forward until you see a large staircase on the right. However, turn left and run in the opposite direction from the stairs until you see a fire on the left. Light the fire and part of the puzzle will be solved! – However, keep in mind that here you will be heavily pursued by assassins with black knives and there is a high chance of getting stabbed in the back. However, if you can at least light that fire, you will never have to worry about it again.

Second fire

From the prison, jump over the balcony and return to the stairs. However, before reaching the stairs, look to the right to find a ruined house with a broken wall. There will be sections of the wall that you can use as a makeshift ladder and jump onto the roof of the neighboring house. Do it, but get ready for the fact that on the roof you will have to fight with the archer. Once the archer is done with, scan the area for other archers and take them out if you have a ranged weapon. After that, turn around to face the tower located in the western part of the city. Jump across the rooftops until you reach a house with a chimney. Jump onto the pipe, then onto the other house, then repeat the same process until you get to the tower. Climb up some ladders and light a fire at the very top.

Third fire

After you light the second fire, go down the stairs to the roof and look to the east to find another tower. Make your way over the rooftops until you return to the house next to the ruined building. There, jump off the roof, climb over the railing and get to the balcony with the stairs. Climb up the stairs and then look to the left, perform a running jump to get to the roof. Then climb up another ladder to get to the third fire and light it up. – You will most likely run into one or two archers along the way, so be prepared to either dodge their shots until you can close the gap or take them out with ranged attacks.

fourth fire

The fourth and final fire can be found by going to the central square of Ordina, the Liturgical City, and approaching the large descending staircase. Approach the stairs, but look to the left to see the railing. Jump onto the railing and then onto the balcony to find a very long staircase leading up to the top of the building. Climb up the ladder, then up the other one to find the last fire. Note that you shouldn’t attempt this quest if you haven’t already dealt with the archers, as they will knock you down and most likely kill you. Therefore, we recommend doing this the last time you have enough time to deal with them.

Holy Tree Mikelli

After you light all four fires while in the prison, the message “The seal was broken” will appear, and then you will be kicked out of the prison. Once back, turn away from the prison and look to the east to see a huge staircase going up. Climb the stairs and find the teleporter that will take you to the Holy Tree of Michella!

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