where to find the hood, robe and pants of the Sage

The Sage Set is a light armor set in Elden Ring that bears a striking resemblance to the Agents armor from TES IV: Oblivion. Compared to the Astrologer starter set, which most mages are likely to choose to start with, the Sage’s set has lower physical and elemental resistance stats, but the armor weighs noticeably less. In terms of the practicality of armor in Elden Ring, spellcasters are better off using the Astrologer’s set, unless they like the look of the Sage’s set. On the other hand, those who started out playing Git might find this armor more reasonably useful.

Where to find the hood, robe and pants of the Sage

Go to the Lake Side Rocks Dungeon

The location of the Sage armor set in Elden Ring is the Lakeside Rocks dungeon in Lake Liurnia. The cave is located in the southeast of the region, near the exit from Stormvale Castle. To enter the dungeon, you must dare to enter the castle and defeat Godric the Hundred-Handed, or they can follow a hidden path along the eastern walls of Thunder Veil Castle.

Once the adventurers reach the Lake-facing Place of Grace, you’ll need to rappel down the mountain by jumping down the giant stone slabs that line the cliff wall. Upon reaching the damp swampy area below, Elden Ring players can recognize the entrance to the cave by two passive jellyfish floating in the air nearby.

Defeat all enemies and claim the armor set

The areas of the Lakeside Rocks dungeon are poorly lit, so players are advised to get a torch or lantern before heading into the grotto. The torch can be bought from the Kale merchant in Elle’s temple, and the lantern is sold by the nomadic merchant in Liurnia northwest of the cave. In the first room, there will be a Giant Poison Flower sitting in the Poison Swamp below. To avoid this enemy, you can run along the left ledge, but at the end you will need to watch out for the Servant of Rot.

After that, the players must jump over a small ridge where two Servants of the Rot are standing. As long as you have enough stamina to run past them, their poison should not reach you. You must then continue down the shaft until you reach a small area with a Sage set on a corpse drowned in a pool of toxic mud. However, do not rush too much and grab the armor. Several giant bats hang from the ceiling and will attack once the player enters the area. Once the bats are done away with, the player can safely obtain and start using the Sage armor set in Elden Ring.

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