where to find the helmet, armor, bracers and greaves of the Dire wolf

During Elden Ring’s online testing, this armor was part of the Direwolf class starter gear and was one of the most beautiful sets in the game. At that time, other starting classes could also get it by defeating certain bosses in Elden Ring. However, with the official release of the game, all that has changed, and in order to obtain this magnificent set of armor, players will have to get to Vulcan Manor in order to advance along the questline.

How to get Direwolf Armor Saint

Go to Volcano Manor

The easiest way to get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring is to head to southern Liurnia, where you can find a telescope and talk to Rya. She will then ask the players to find the Black Guardian in a hut in the northwest and retrieve their necklace from him by either buying it or defeating it. After that, she will reward the players with an invitation to the estate and move them to the Altus Plateau.

After that, players should head to the Great Dectus Elevator, which can be found by following the main road heading northwest from the Graveyard, Elden Ring’s starting location. Activating the lift to get to the Altus Plateau requires two medallions, which can be found at Haight Fort and Faroth Fort. Climbing up, players will find Riya right after exiting the Great Elevator. Talk to her and she will offer to escort the player to Vulkan Manor and teleport them straight inside.

Complete the quest line in Volcano Manor

Once in Volcano Manor, you should talk to Lady Tanith, a masked woman dressed all in white, who sits in a chair next to a very tall knight wielding a two-handed sword. Accept her offer to join Vulcan Manor and get the Living Room Key, where players must pick up the letter on the dining table to get their first objective. Volcano Manor tasks players with killing other Corrupted in Elden Ring, and players must complete two such contracts to receive the armor set. The location of targets will be marked on the map and players will have to invade their worlds.

After completing two contracts, talk to Knight Bernal, the nearest NPC. He will task players with killing a rabid wolf and an outcast sorcerer by invading their world in Lindell, the royal capital. The knight will automatically join the players in this fight when they arrive in the captured world. Players are advised to fight Wilhelm first, as his magical attacks can be quite devastating while Knight Bernahl distracts Wargram. Once Wilhelm is defeated, Wargram will be easy to defeat, especially if Knight Bernal is still alive to help. Players will then return to their world and receive the full Dire Wolf set, one of the most impressive armor sets in Elden Ring.

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