Where to Find Stickies in Fortnite Chapter 3: How to Deal Damage with Stickies

Stickies are a classic Fortnite weapon and they made a comeback in Chapter 3. Usually, old weapons are replaced with new ones with the start of a new season. At the beginning of the match, players try to find the first weapon they come across in order to protect themselves. While most of the weapons found are assault rifles, snipers, or SMGs, there are a few explosive items in the game. They can be useful for destroying enemy structures and deal massive damage on a direct hit. In the case of the Stickies, this is the best weapon to use on the move.

Stickies are essentially grenades, but they can stick to any surface they’re attached to. When aiming, Fortnite will show players exactly where Sticky will land. Once it lands on the wall, it will explode after a few seconds. This is an incredibly chaotic weapon that can be useful for clearing buildings. Although the main reason for players to collect them now is the new seasonal challenge. In Week 10, completing a quest related to Sticky will earn experience in the Battle Pass.

To find Sticky, players will need to land in places where there is a lot of loot. They will only spawn inside treasure chests all over the map, or just randomly spawn on the ground. There are also no NPCs on the map who would sell Sticky as weapons. However, players can purchase a sniper rifle that fires stickies as projectiles. In this case, explosion damage will only count as sniper rifle damage, not explosion damage. Fortunately, there are many different ways to quickly move around the map in order to find Plipala.

Where to find Sticky in Chapter 3 of Fortnite

To begin, players must start their match by landing in the Daily Bugle, a named location in the northern part of the map where Spider-Man’s web shooters can spawn with a high probability. Not only are they incredibly fun to use, but they also allow players to move around the map much faster. Capture them at the start of the match and use them to move around looking for Sticky. It is recommended to always land on the rooftops of buildings to avoid being shot by random players walking the streets.

The challenge itself requires players to deal at least 100 damage to enemy players using Sticky. On the other hand, each Sticky deals over 90 damage on a direct hit. Stickies can also be attached directly to players, which increases the damage exponentially. Since they are usually sold in packs of three, try to collect six before engaging in a skirmish with another player. There is nothing worse than running out of supplies at a critical moment. After completing the task, the player will be rewarded with free experience to level up.

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