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In Genshin Impact, Agnidus Agate, a bright red gem, is an elemental stone that all Pyro characters use when ascending. This mystical gem can be found in a variety of ways, but some are definitely more reliable than others.

Anyone planning to ascend Pyro characters – and these are often top level fighters – must use some or all of these methods. Agnidus Agate, like other elemental gems, comes in the form of chips, shards, chunks, and gems. Below are all the possible ways to get Agatha Agnidus in Genshin Impact, as well as which characters will need it to unlock their potential.

Which characters use Agate Agnidus

Every Pyro character in Genshin Impact will need an Agate Agnidus if they want to ascend. Higher elevations require better quality agate, as shown in this table:

Ascension Level Character Level Gems Required 1 20 3 Shards 2 40 3 Fragments 3 50 6 Fragments 4 60 3 Pieces 5 70 6 Pieces 6 80 6 Gems

There are currently ten Pyro characters in Genshin Impact. Here is an overview of all of them:

  • Amber
  • Dilyuk
  • Klee
  • Xiang Ling
  • Yan Fei
  • Xin Yan
  • Hu Tao
  • Yaimiya
  • Bennett
  • Thomas

Bosses that drop Agate Agnidus

Among the many ways to get Agatha Agnidus, the most reliable way to get a large amount of it will be defeating the bosses. However, only some of the standard bosses can drop with the Pyro Stone:

  • Pyro orchid
  • Pyrohypostasis
  • Ancient Geovishap

In general, the quality of Agate that bosses can drop depends on their level. Here is a quick overview of what level the boss must be in order to drop certain gems:

World Tier Boss Tier Gems 0+ 36+ Shard 2+ 41+ Fragments 4+ 62+ Chunks 6+ 83+ Precious Agate

Note: *While Ancient Geowishap can always drop Prithiva Topaz, it can only drop other elemental gems if the appropriate element is infused into it. This means that in order for Vishap to drop the Agnidus Agate, he must be fought and defeated when he pours Pyro into himself.

Weekly bosses that drop Agate Agnidus

Along with the standard bosses, Agate Agnidus can drop from some of the challenge bosses. These include:

  • Andrius (Wolf Lord)
    • Boss Level 39+: Shards
    • Boss Level 42+: Fragments
    • Boss level 63+: Chunks
    • Boss Level 84+: Gems
  • dragon *
  • Signora

As with standard bosses, the higher the level of the weekly boss, the higher quality gems it can drop. Ajdaha, La Signora and other weekly bosses follow this table, but Andrius is slightly different and is listed above.

Stones Dungeon Level Shards I, II, III, IV Fragments I, II, III, IV Pieces II, III, IV Precious Agate III, IV

Note: *Azhdaha is similar to Ancient Geowishap in that in combat, he can only drop elemental gems that match his infused elements (except for Topaz Prithiv, which he can always drop). However, Ajdaha infuses two elements per battle instead of one, and they are determined by a weekly rotation.

The player can find out which elements Ajdah is using this week by finding the elemental symbols on the door to his outrage domain before the fight.

Other ways to get Agate Agnidus in Genshin Impact

While boss fights are usually the most reliable way to get Agnidus Agate in Genshin Impact, there are plenty of other sources that we’ll cover in this section.

Daily quests

Each day, players will receive four daily quests from the Adventurer’s Guild. After completing all four, they can receive a bonus reward, which can be obtained by visiting Katerina in any branch of the Guild.

These bonus rewards will include various rewards and experience, including Shards. Which gems the player will receive depends on chance, but among them, of course, there will be Agate Agnidus.


In the craft shop, low quality gems can be processed into higher quality gems in a ratio of 3:1.

Here’s how it works:

Mohr’s Ingredients Total 3 shards 300 1 fragment 3 fragments 900 1 piece 3 pieces 2.700 1 precious agate

This is equivalent to 27 shards for one precious agate. It’s a lot, but it’s a good way to get the quality the player needs, and they’re likely to use this crafting technique a lot.


Another feature available in the craft shops is the transformation, which allows the player to turn items into others. This requires Nitrogen Dust, which can be purchased with Stardust in Paimon. For 10 units of Nitrogen Dust, you need to pay 5 Stardust.

Using this transmutation technique, players can transform one elemental gem into another. For example, Varunad’s Lapis Lazuli Shard can be crafted into Agnidus Agate Shard.

Higher level gems require more Nitrogen Dust to convert, as shown here:

Stone Level Requires Nitrogen Dust Shard 1 Fragment 3 Piece 9 Precious Agate 27

Agnidus agate can be crafted from Prithiva topaz, Vayud turquoise, Shivad jade, Varunada lapis lazuli, or Vajrad amethyst.

Parametric Converter

The Parametric Converter is an amazing device that allows players to turn materials into special items, including elemental gems.

Which fuel is used in the converter does not guarantee a specific result, but it appears that some results are more likely with certain fuels. These materials have a high chance of getting gems:

Iron Chip Lapis Core Rigid Arrowhead Ceremonial Hunter’s Knife White Iron Chip Midnight Jade Sharp Arrowhead Agent’s Ceremonial Knife Crystal Chip Starsilver Ore Old Arrowhead Inspector’s Ceremonial Knife Magic Crystal Chip Crystalline Marrow Sango Pearl Axolotl Pearl Amethyst Chunk Crystal Core Electro Crystal

The parametric converter creates “sets” of objects, and you can create several identical sets. “Sets” containing Elemental Ascension Gems contain either two shards or one fragment.


The last way to find Agate Agnidus is through limited-time events. Although not always, Elemental Ascension Gems can often be found in prize shops or as a reward for meeting certain criteria.

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