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In Genshin Impact, Topaz Prithiva is one of the elemental gems – specifically the one used to exalt Geo characters. Even though Geo characters have some power over gems and other minerals, they will use this elemental item to ascend just like any other character.

Like other gems of elemental ascension, Topaz Prithiva comes in four quality levels: Shards, Fragments, Chunks, and Gems. In this guide, we will tell you which characters need this gem, as well as where to get it.

Which characters use Topaz Prithiva

If this is a Geo character, then he will need Topaz Prithiva to ascend. Each level of Ascension requires a certain amount of it, with the required quality increasing at higher levels.

Ascension Level Character Level Gems Required 1 20 3 Shards 2 40 3 Fragments 3 50 6 Fragments 4 60 3 Pieces 5 70 6 Pieces 6 80 6 Gems

There are currently only seven geo characters in the game (minus the Traveler, who uses his own elemental gem). These are the following characters:

  • Noelle
  • Albedo
  • Zhong Li
  • Yun Jin
  • Ning Guan
  • It’s bad
  • Arataki Itto

Bosses that drop Topaz Prithiva

There are several ways to get Topaz Prithiva, but one of the best is to fight bosses and pay the price of original resin for them. The following bosses can drop Topaz Prithiva:

  • Geo hypostasis
  • Ruins Serpent
  • Golden wolf leader
  • Infinite Mechanical Array
  • Ancient geowishap*

As with most things, higher tier gems can only drop from higher tier bosses:

World Level Boss Level Gems 0+ 36+ Shard 2+ 41+ Fragments 4+ 62+ Pieces 6+ 83+ Gem

Note: *Ancient Geowishap can only drop an elemental gem if it infuses that element. However, it always drops Topaz Prithiva, regardless of the infused element.

Weekly bosses that drop Topaz Prithiva

Currently, only two weekly bosses can drop as Topaz Prithiv upon victory:

  • Andrius
    • Boss Level 39+: Shards
    • Boss Level 42+: Fragments
    • Boss level 63+: Chunks
    • Boss Level 84+: Gems
  • dragon*

The higher the level of the boss’s domain, the better the gems he can drop. The exception is Andrius, who drops special gems at various levels listed above.

As for Azhdaha and other weekly bosses, here is their distribution:

Stones Dungeon Level Shards I, II, III, IV Fragments I, II, III, IV Pieces II, III, IV Precious Agate III, IV

Note: *Azhdaha can also use Electro, Cryo, Hydro, and Pyro, and he is only able to drop the corresponding gems if they are one of his two elements used during the week. However, he is always able to drop Topaz Prithiva, regardless of the elemental infusion.

Other Ways to Get Topaz Prithiva

There are several other ways to get Topaz Prithiva.

Daily quests

Every day, the Adventurer’s Guild gives the player four tasks. By completing all four, Katerina (in any branch) will give out several bonus rewards.

These rewards may include Shards of a random Exalted Elemental Gem, including Topaz Prithiva.


In the craft shop, three gems can be used to craft a gem of a higher level. This 3:1 ratio can be expensive, but it’s one of the best ways to get higher tier gems.

Here’s how it works:

Path Ingredients Total 3 shards 300 1 fragment 3 fragments 900 1 piece 3 pieces 2.700 1 gem


With the help of a crafting stand and Nitrogen Dust, players can transform other elemental gems into Topaz Prithiva. Nitrogen Dust can be purchased with Stardust at the Paimon Store for the price of 5 Stardust for 10 Nitrogen Dust. The higher the level of the transmutable gem, the higher the dust cost, as shown here:

Stone Level Requires Nitrogen Dust Shard 1 Fragment 3 Piece 9 Precious Agate 27

Prithiva topaz can be created from Agnidus agate, Vayuda turquoise, Vajrada amethyst, Varunada lapis lazuli, or Shivada jade.

Parametric Converter

In Parametric Transformer, players can use materials to craft rarer items, including Elemental Ascension Gems. The converter creates “sets” of items, and you can get several identical sets. There is a set that includes two Shards, and a set that includes one Fragment.

These sets are more likely to be created (but not guaranteed) when using the following items as fuel for the transducer:

Iron Chip Lapis Core Rigid Arrowhead Ceremonial Hunter’s Knife White Iron Chip Midnight Jade Sharp Arrowhead Agent’s Ceremonial Knife Crystal Chip Starsilver Ore Old Arrowhead Inspector’s Ceremonial Knife Magic Crystal Chip Crystalline Marrow Sango Pearl Axolotl Pearl Amethyst Chunk Crystal Core Electro Crystal


During limited-time special events, Elemental Ascension gems such as Topaz Prithiva are sometimes among the rewards, either in the event store or as direct earnings for meeting certain criteria. These gems are not available in all events, but they are found as event rewards often enough to be a somewhat reliable way to get them from time to time.

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