Where to find Scott and Moe in Dying Light 2 and how to save them

Aiden cannot save the whole world in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. He is a hero, but his abilities cannot do everything for everyone. When Aiden’s mother approaches and asks if he can find her children, chances are it’s too late. But it’s worth trying.

How to save Scott and Mo

You should know that there is a chance to save both Scott and Mo, but first they will have to do a little investigation. Even so, the apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2 does not guarantee that they will survive. Players will have to be both fast and strong to save the children.

Find Scott and Mo

After talking to their mother in the bazaar, Aiden will be asked to look for the boys in the bazaar. Taking this task literally is a mistake, there are no boys here. Instead, look for a boy in a red cap named Dominic. For those who are well acquainted with the inhabitants of the bazaar, he is the one who talks about the dog.

After a long conversation, he finally remembers that the boys and the dog played together. Barking can be heard in the distance, but for more precise directions, open the map and follow the new location marker. Feel free to perform tricks along the way to level up your parkour experience.

Save Mo

To receive the bonus, wait until nightfall to complete this task. If the bonus parkour experience isn’t enough incentive, the mission itself is indoors and requires the destruction of all zombies. In the daytime, the number of zombies is not impossible, but it is much more dangerous.

Scott will inadvertently greet Aiden at the door. Eventually, Aiden will ask Scott to leave. After talking with Scott, immediately start destroying the zombies inside. This will make the second part of the task much easier.

After the zombies are cleared out, go upstairs and find a mortally wounded Buddy crying on the couch. Mo is hiding in the room directly across from him. He will mention a dangerous zombie and Aiden will have to leave the room and kill him. It’s much easier if the zombies are already cleared.

When the last zombie dies, loot the zombies for a bunch of fast money. Then return to Mo and ask him to go home. Players will have to decide whether to kill Buddy there or let him die slowly – unfortunately, there is no way to save him.

Return to the market

Back home, Aiden is able to complete the mission by returning to Scott and Moe’s mother’s house. Gamers will have to decide what to say to Dominic about Buddy, but it’s a matter of taste, the mission will be completed no matter which dialogue option is chosen.

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