where to find resources for the fuse

In Horizon: Forbidden West, you’ll want to unlock the Fuse if you’re hoping to destroy Flame Glow, guarding routes, and treasure. Visually, players will know that they have found a location where the Fuse is required when they see a red and orange flower arrangement known as Flame Glow growing out of the wall.

How to unlock Fuse

When players first find Fire Glow, if they scan them with Focus, they will only show up as an abnormal growth. Aloy in Horizon: Forbidden West will need to find the Fuse, a special piece of equipment to set them on fire and clear the way forward. In addition, once players have the Fuse, Focus will scan Fireblaze and display its location on the map.

Players will be able to unlock the Fuse during the fifth mission of the main story, Death’s Doorstep. To start this mission, players will receive coordinates from the Spire and will need to sail towards the objective. While in the water, players must obtain the Deep Sea Herb before heading to the Sylens Lab. In the lab, players will discover a variety of machines, and they will need to obtain a Spark Coil for the Waterslinger, which can be obtained by detaching the power cell from the back of an enemy Waterslinger. At this point in the mission, players will be unable to progress further as Fireheart will block their path.

How to make and use the Fuse

Players will be given the option to craft a Pyro and attach it to a Champion’s Spear. Once the Fuse is crafted and equipped, players can use it on the Firebringer by pressing The fuse in Horizon: Forbidden West: where to find resources for the fuse. To complete the rest of the mission, players need to open the terminal they discovered by destroying the Flame Spitter and enter the code 7482. After that, players will need to grapple and use the pulcaster to enter the internal hatch locked by the genes. Players will then encounter an enemy spider that they will need to defeat before exiting through an underwater door and resurfacing to light the Flame Glow and complete the quest. In addition to the fuse, for the successful completion of this task you will receive 5.500 experience and 2 skill points.

Fire Glow walls usually only have one direction, so players can approach one of them with a firestarter and find themselves unable to remove the flower obstacle. When players discover a Flame Glow that doesn’t ignite, they must find a way to approach it from the other side and set it on fire. This will be especially important when solving the puzzle in the Ruins with relics, which players will not be able to solve until they unlock the Fuse. It should be noted that players should use the Fuse with care, as if you stand too close to a burning Flameblaze, you may take damage while trying to find the routes or trophy it guards. Also, Flame Glitters are present underwater, but the Fuse will act exactly the same as on land.

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