Where to find Momo in Stray

The story of Stray is about a lost cat who was separated from her family and fell at the entrance to the Dead City. Now the cat’s goal is to find a way out of the decaying cyborg city and reunite with his loved ones.

One of the few crucial steps to get out of the city is finding a robot named Momo, who knows a lot about the Outside in the Tramp. With the help of B-12 and the Keeper, players can find Momo’s location. However, Momo seems to be unable to get to, as the Slums is a very dark and chaotic area, which means players will have to find another way through the rooftops.

How to get to Momo in Stray

Momo can be found in the Slums on the top floor of a building with an orange sign. After talking to the Guardian, turn around and go down the stairs. Jump onto the pile of crates on the right and then keep climbing until you reach a rooftop with a bike on it.

Jump onto the platform the chair is on, then onto the higher roof ahead. Next, approach the sleeping robot and jump onto the ledge in front of it. Jump onto the two outdoor compressors stacked on top of each other, then onto the smaller one to end up on the balcony.

Go to the small window and you will see a robot in multi-colored clothes – this is Momo.

How to complete the quest “Momo’s Location”

Entering the Slums through the Dead City, all its inhabitants, at the sight of a cat, will scatter and try to hide, mistaking it for a turk. After clearing up the misunderstanding with the Keeper, show him the postcard from inventory to start the mission.

Cyborg will tell players that going to Outworld is a ridiculous dream, and no one has ever tried to leave, except for the Outsiders themselves. Unfortunately, all of them did not return, and only Momo remained of the group, who lives high up in a building with an orange sign.

What to do after finding Momo

Momo looks depressed as all his friends have gone outside the house and never returned. Cyborg doesn’t even react when Puss and B-12 show him a card from inventory. Instead, Momo becomes even more depressed and refuses to talk about Outworld.

Here the task of the players is to collect four special notebooks that will lift Momo’s spirit and give him the motivation he needs. After finding all of Momo’s notebooks in the Tramp, give them to the cyborg, who will be delighted and start using Doc’s note to fix the damaged Transceiver. Puss and B-12 must now travel to the zourk-infested rooftops to install a transceiver that will allow them to contact other Outsiders.

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