Where to find Laver in Tower of Fantasy

The First Gourmet is a side quest in Tower of Fantasy that tasks players with collecting five laurels from the beach for Patty. While this instruction may lead some fans to believe that they should be looking for the required items on the beach Patty is standing on, this is actually not the case. Instead, players will have to take a little hike if they hope to find a lover in Tower of Fantasy, and this guide will help them find it in the right direction.

Where to look for Laver (laver)

Tower of Fantasy players looking for a laver should look to the beach south of the Signal Station Ruins. To be completely clear, this beach is almost 600m northwest of Patty’s position and is most easily accessed by following the coastline. Fans can find a map with the exact location of the beach below, which should make it much easier for them to complete the First Gourmet quest.

Upon arriving at the beach located south of the Signal Station ruins, players should look out for purple plants in the sand. These are the plants that Patty is interested in, and it won’t take long for gacha fans to collect the five plants they need. Players can then head to Bangs Dock and speak with the quest giver to complete the First Gourmet quest and obtain the Seafood Soup Recipe.

However, communication with Patty does not end there: now she will ask them to collect eight scallops from the beach. This time, the beach the quest description refers to is the same beach where the NPC is, and players must find a lot of scallops scattered around her. Free MMORG fans who return these scallops to Patty will receive some experience for their efforts, as well as the third and final part of the First Gourmet quest.

As for the specifics of this last installment, Tower of Fantasy characters now have to collect portunid by killing crabs that spawn on Patty’s Beach. Players must then give this item to an NPC to complete the quest and receive a reward: three Matrix Sets II and two Rocket Shards. While these may not be the most exciting prizes, some fans will be happy to receive them without much effort.

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