Where to find lavender in Dying Light

There are many other items in Dying Light, such as binoculars, that require players to search the map as part of a mission. When it comes to finding lavender, knowing where (and how) to look is half the battle. With a little focus, players will be able to find and collect them in no time.

Where to look for lavender in Dying Light

Lavender can be found near the slums. To the east there is a cluster of rocky islands where lavender grows. They are behind the barge, and in daylight they should be fairly easy to spot. Players who take advantage of Dying Light’s co-op experience will find it especially easy to find and search these islands. Once there, players can use the Survivor Sense ability to search for lavender. To complete the quest related to them, players need to find and collect six lavenders.

When all the herbs are collected, gamers will be able to return to Toygar and receive experience and 1,000 money as a reward. Unlike some DLCs for Dying Light, the lavender mission isn’t very difficult. Rather, it requires dedication and knowledge of the world of Dying Light from players in order to find the necessary materials. What’s more, missions like the lavender mission simply allow players to earn money and points that can be used to purchase other in-game items and events.

The success of future content is unknown, but it’s still a good time to return to Dying Light and enjoy the story and gameplay that launched the epic franchise. Those players who want to find lavender and play through additional content in Dying Light should know that the game rewards dedication and passion, two things that fans will certainly bring to the future of the franchise. Until then, fans and new players alike will continue to enjoy the amazing content that has come to Dying Light.

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