Where to find Lania in Elden Ring

Not counting the main Elden Ring quest line, players will have over twenty hours of quests and other tasks to complete. The main story itself lasts over forty hours. Therefore, it is not surprising that the game has several confusing tasks. This can be seen in the Find Lania quest, in which players have to help a man named Diallos find his companion. It can be tricky, but it gets a lot easier when players know where to look. For those wondering where to find Lania, this post details where to look.

Where to find Lania in Elden Ring

To find Lania, players need to travel to Liurnia, to the Giant Lake. There they can find the gates of the Academy, where the city of Grace is located. From there, they should move to the northwest, where they will find Diallos, who gave them the task of finding Lania, looking thoughtfully at the dead body of a woman. This place is sunken rooftops and a quick conversation with Diallos will reveal that Lania is dead. Unlike the quest of Yura, the bloody finger hunter, finding Lania is just a matter of knowing where to look.

The quest involving Lania continues after the discovery of her death. Diallos vows to catch the one who caused her death, which presents the players with another challenge. Of course, passing the quest is not mandatory, there is almost nothing mandatory in Elden Ring. Players are free to explore the entire map from the very beginning, and some adventurers may even skip Storm Veil Castle in Elden Ring altogether.

Indeed, in addition to completing Lania’s quest, there are dozens of other interesting activities in the Interearth that can attract the attention of players. With hundreds of thousands of players trying to fully complete Elden Ring, it’s no surprise that the game’s missions are simultaneously challenging, exciting, and unique – three traits that are common to all of FromSoftware’s epic stand-alone games and franchises.

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