Where to find Jellyfish in the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Cloud Steps, also referred to as “Floating Jellyfish”, are platform puzzles set in the Golden Apple Archipelago, a limited-time region of the Summer Sea Trip event. Swimming jellyfish come in two forms. Jellyfish serve as typical floating platforms by default. In contrast, a floating jellyfish marked with a boot symbol gives the player character the ability to bounce on a trampoline. Unfortunately, like other activities in the Golden Apple Archipelago, these swimming jellyfish will no longer be available after the completion of the Summer Sea Trip.

The reward for clearing the Cloud Steps is similar to the other platform puzzle rewards in Genshin Impact. After completing the task, a chest will appear nearby, from which the participant will receive a modest amount of Pestilence, Artifacts, Weapons and Source Stones. Naturally, many Travelers will wonder how these new unique Jellyfish function and how each puzzle can be completed. Luckily, the solution is relatively simple and only requires a little mechanical movement skill.

How to Solve the Cloud Steps Puzzle

To complete the Cloud Steps puzzle in Genshin Impact, travelers must step on every floating jellyfish that appears in the air. There will always be one floating jellyfish that triggers the platform puzzle. Use Wavewalker’s ability to land on the jellyfish to create more platforms. Then, carefully hop on each step of the Cloud Leisure to change its color a bit.

Where to look for jellyfish (map)

After successfully activating Cloud Stairs, another group appears, often causing the previous group to disappear. Accordingly, players must follow the path of the floating jellyfish until none of them spawn, at which point a reward chest will spawn on a nearby island. If the Traveler accidentally slides off the jellyfish platforms and falls into the ocean, the puzzle will have to be played through again, from the very beginning. You’ll be able to use any character to solve these puzzles, but the boost jumps should provide enough speed for any unit to easily clear these platforms.

Below is a list of all locations in the Golden Apple Archipelago where travelers can find and complete Cloud Rest Steps for small rewards:

  • First step: West of Broken Isle
  • Second stage: West of the starting island of the event
  • Third Stage: Northeast of Dangerous Island
  • Fourth step: northeast of Pudding Island
  • Fifth step: southeast of Steam Island
  • Sixth step: northeast of Steam Island
  • Seventh Stage: North of Wavewalker’s spawn point on a small island west of Steam Island
  • Step 8: South of the island in the center of the map

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