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In Cyberpunk 2077, players can find the cyber-implant of the legendary hacker Rush Bartmoss in an unexpected place. Bartmoss’ name will be familiar to many players as he is mentioned throughout the game. Vee repeatedly receives messages from an organization calling itself the Bartmoss Collective, which is later revealed to be a prank. As the story progresses, V’s quest to find a cure for the engram of rockerboy and nuclear terrorist Johnny Silverhand taking over their brains leads them to learn more about Blackwall, the firewall that separates the network from unauthorized AIs. In turn, V and the player learn that Blackwall was made necessary by Datacrush, and Bartmoss’s importance in the history of the cyberpunk world becomes more apparent.

Where to find the Bartmoss cyberimplant

The famous hacker can be found in the junkyard, the same place where V was found by Takemura and Dexter Deshawn was killed. This location is connected to the Kold Mirage quest, which can be started in one of three ways. If the player has arrived at this location, the quest will start automatically, no prior knowledge is required. If the player has completed the Spellbound for Nix quest and decoded the shard, Kold Mirage will start automatically. If they haven’t deciphered the shard, Nyx will give them a quest. Finally, the guest can also start during Many Ways to Skin a Cat if the player has 37 Street Influencers. Either way, head to the Medesky Fuel Station fast travel point. There will be several Wraiths outside the station, so be careful. Following the road straight south will lead the player to a junkyard. At the end of the line, they’ll find Dexter DeSean’s corpse, which contains Plan B, his signature weapon, and one of the items needed to replenish the stash in V’s apartment, as well as a refrigerator. Upon opening the refrigerator, the player will find the body of Reich Bartmoss and his cyber-implant.

What to do with the Bartmoss Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčImplant

Johnny will tell the player Bartmoss’s backstory and deduce that because the famous hacker was so paranoid, he didn’t tell anyone about the location of his cryopod, so when the power went out there was no one to fix it and he died. Bartmoss’ cyberimplant is in a cryopod with him, although it cannot be equipped. Vee then calls Nix to ask about the cyber-implant and they meet at the Afterlife Club. While attempting to extract data from the cyber-implant, Nyx begins to convulse, and his cyber-implant fails due to malware on the deck. V must hack the computer next to him or turn off the power in the room to save him. Only hacking the computer will allow you to get the full reward for the quest – three high-level Quishhacks.

Although the launch of the game was not very successful and was accompanied by glitches and unrealistic expectations, but with the recent 1.5 update, Cyberpunk 2077 is in a much better state, and now is the time to return to Night City. Restoring Rush Bartmoss’ cyberimplant is an easy way to get some high-quality QuickHacks for free. In addition, you will be able to unravel one of the greatest mysteries in the history of Cyberpunk 2077 by finding out once and for all what happened to Reich Bartmoss, the man who killed the network.

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