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There are four new apartments in Cyberpunk 2077, which were introduced in the recently released update 1.5. Each apartment has different objects to interact with and unique decor items. The cost of renting depends on which apartment players want to rent, but the rent is a one-time payment and players can purchase all four apartments if they have the funds. Each apartment is located in a different location, so players can think about convenience before choosing one.

In order to purchase a new apartment, players need to complete the main story quest in Cyberpunk 2077 “Time Attack”. They also need to have access to the EZEstates website. The site can be accessed by visiting the apartment, which is unlocked during the main story. The computer is located next to the entrance to the apartment. Players can go to the EZEstates website and the new apartments will appear on the main page. In addition, players can select the appropriate quest for each apartment in the Journal or find them on the map.

The cost of four new apartments ranges from 5,000 to 55,000. More expensive apartments are more spacious, have more decorations and usually have better views. Each apartment also has items that can be interacted with. For example, an apartment in the Glen has a pool table, while a house in Japantown has incense to burn and a guitar to sing songs. While each apartment has a few unique features, the main things to consider when choosing are location and cost.

Every new apartment in Cyberpunk 2077

Along with interacting objects, the new apartments have beds, showers, and coffee makers that give the player certain buffs. Each buff lasts for an hour and applies stat effects in Cyberpunk 2077. Sleep grants the Rested status, which restores health and grants a 20% bonus to skill XP. Taking a shower inflicts the “Renewed” status, restoring health during combat up to 60%. To get the Energized status, players need to brew coffee. An active Energized status increases maximum stamina by 25% and stamina regeneration by 30%. The same buffs are available in each of the four apartments.

Location and cost of apartments in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Watson: Northside 5.000;
  • Westbrook: Japantown 15.000;
  • Haywood: Glen 40.000;
  • City centre: Corpo Plaza 55.000.

Apartments also give players access to a stash and weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, and the size of the stash will depend on which apartment they choose. As expected, the apartments that cost more are the largest, but players can rent all four at once, so it doesn’t matter which one is bought first. Along with the new apartments, patch 1.5 also added the ability to customize the original apartment, and updates can be obtained from the EZEstates website. Cyberpunk 2077 offers players several housing options to choose from.

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