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Since the release of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, despite some differences from the original, the game provides players with solid content in a unique world. Dying Light 2 has many difficulties and dangers that require players to be creative in dealing with enemies. To prepare for these encounters, players can mine feathers to craft new arrows and bolts to fight off the infected.

Like those who hunted for Easter eggs in Dying Light 2, finding feathers takes dedication and time. However, there are a few things that will help players find feathers (and other materials) faster than otherwise.

How to get feathers in Dying Light 2

Feathers in Dying Light 2 are most commonly found on top of buildings. A good tip for Dying Light 2 players is to practice parkour and navigation at the very beginning, so that it will be easier to get to these places later on throughout the game. Feathers can be found in birdhouses, usually in trees or attached to higher ground. One of the best signs that the player is approaching the bird house is the presence of other plants and materials on the roofs. Following these “paths” often leads players to their goals.

When ransacking birdhouses for feathers, yields are usually low. Usually only one or two feathers can be found in each location. However, these feathers are very useful. They can be crafted into arrows and crossbow bolts for ranged combat and weapon modifications for equipment. These tools help players get to the end of Dying Light 2 without any hassle. Access to these tools also allows players to be more resourceful when it comes to progressing through the story of Dying Light 2.

Indeed, from melee weapons to grappling hooks, there aren’t many items in Dying Light that are as useful as ranged weapons. For those who want to invest in Dying Light 2, it is worth remembering that finding valuable materials in the game’s open world is the key to success. Following in the tradition of its predecessor, Dying Light 2 has created an environment where players can not only explore the world on their own, but also use resources to shape the landscape to suit their own personal play style. Combined with crafting gear, these mechanics result in great gameplay.

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