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Elden Ring has Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones. These are important materials that are essential if you want to further enhance your character’s offensive abilities. Here is our guide to help you find blacksmithing stones to upgrade weapons.

What are blacksmith stones and blacksmith stones of darkness for?

If you want to upgrade your weapons in Elden Ring, don’t rely on the blacksmith’s table like you would in Elle’s temple. Instead, wait until you get to the Round Table Fortress, where you will meet Master Blacksmith Hyuuga. This is the only NPC in the game that has the ability to upgrade your weapon to the max.

Now, in order to improve the weapon, we need Forge Stones and Forge Stones of Gloom. There is a key difference between them:

  • Blacksmith Stones: Used for normal/generic weapons. We can be based on names such as longbow, hammer, mace, shield, carving knife, night rider spear, and so on.
  • Gloom Smithing Stones: However, there are weapons with more unique names that require Gloom Smithing Stones. If the weapon looks like it once belonged to a character, dropped from a boss, has a special skill, or is more themed, then it will most likely need Blacksmith Stones. Examples include the wheel of Giza, the snake hunter, the ax of Rosus, and the jaw of the Shooting Star beast.

So how exactly does this process take place? These materials have levels (e.g. Smithing Stone [1]Blacksmith stone [2] and so on). Each level represents up to three upgrades to the level of your weapon, i.e. Smithing Stone [1] used for Weapon +1, Weapon +2 and Weapon +3.

Then when you get Weapon +4, you will start using Smithing Stone [2]. Naturally, the cost of materials will also increase with each level for a given level.

Where to find Smithing Stones and Blacksmithing Gloom Stones

So, where exactly can we find Blacksmith Stones and Gloom Blacksmith Stones in Elden Ring? To be honest, they are everywhere. They can be found in the world on some rocks or on the edge of cliffs, or distributed as a reward. They can also be found in dungeons or dropped by bosses. White dung beetles and some enemies, such as the large spider arms you encounter (as shown in the picture above), can also drop.

Likewise, if you see a damaged statue that appears to be glowing, try to find a larger mob nearby. Monstrous enemies such as trolls and runebears have attacks that destroy the statue, allowing you to pick up the blacksmith/gloomsmithstone inside.

Other safe places include dungeons/tunnels. In such dungeons, there are often crystals that can be picked up.

Crystals with an orange glow are blacksmith stones, and those with a silver glow are blacksmith stones of darkness.

Last but not least, you also need to collect ball bearings for the Twin Maiden Husks. This NPC vendor in the Round Table Keep will sell materials in exchange for runes.

There are no purchase restrictions, so you can buy as many as you want as long as you have runes in stock. Just go ahead and mine runes when you’re free. With this in mind, you will be able to fully upgrade your favorite weapons in Elden Ring.

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