where to find and what is open

1 From the merchant Kale for 500 runes.

  • bone arrow
  • Bone arrow (feathered)
  • Bone Bolt

2 From the merchant Kale for 500 runes.

  • glowing stone
  • Life-giving cured meat
  • White revitalizing jerky

3 From a nomad merchant west of Sacred Bridge’s Place of Grace in northern Graveyard for 600 runes.

  • Marinated turtle neck
  • Poison Bone Arrow
  • Poison Bone Arrow (Feathered)
  • Venom Bone Bolt

4 Can be found next to the road (on a corpse), not far from the Siofra River Spring.

  • stinking pot
  • A stinking pot with a rope

5 From a nomad merchant in Fort Haight for 1,500 runes. 6 Can be found in a chest in Morne Castle.

  • blood lube
  • Bloody grease with thread
  • Bloody bone arrow
  • Bloody Bone Arrow (Feathered)
  • Bloody Bone Bolt

7 From the location of the Shack on Thunder Hill, you need to move strictly to the north. You will see a broken bridge and a Finger Reader, the handbook will be lying on a corpse, at the end of the bridge.

  • soft cotton
  • Bleeding pills
  • Rainbow stone arrow

8 Not far from the dungeon “Leading to the tomb cave” on the Weeping Peninsula, landmarks:

  • Southeast (SE) of the Fourth Temple of Marika
  • Northwest (NW), closer to the western (W) direction from the Small Tree of Erd
  • South (S) of Weeping Penal
  • Toxic Grease
  • Toxic lubricant with thread

9 In the Weeping Peninsula, at the Catacombs Leading to the Tomb dungeon, the entrance is located behind the broken bridge to the south (S) of the Temple of Pilgrimage.

  • Pot of malice

10 On a corpse found on the rooftops east of Rampart Tower in Stormveil Castle.

  • An arrow with storm hawk feathers

11 From a nomad merchant on the Liurnia Lakeshore for 1,500 runes.

  • crystal dart
  • Spell Resistant Dried Liver
  • An arrow from a shard

12 On a corpse found near the southern wall of the Temple of the Rose in Lake Liurnia.

  • Pots of Cursed Blood

13 From a nomad merchant under a stone arch on the other side of the river from the Place of Grace in Lake Liurnia for 2,000 runes.

  • Bone Great Arrow
  • Bone Great Arrow (Feathered)
  • ballista nut bolt

14 On a corpse near the Smoldering Temple of Grace in the Starry Wastes.

  • poison pot
  • Poison Pot with Rope
  • Venom Bone Dart

15 From a nomad merchant in the Temple of the Dragon Communion for 4,000 runes.

  • Putrid Bone Arrow
  • Putrid Bone Arrow (Feathered)
  • Putrid Bone Bolt

16 From a nomad merchant in the temple east of the Place of Grace in the lower reaches of the Einsel River for 2,500 runes.

  • frost pills
  • Stimulant pills

17 From the nomad merchant in the chamber behind the waterfall in Siofra’s Spring for 1,000 runes.

  • Soap
  • Pot of oil
  • A pot of oil on a rope

18 From the same nomad merchant as the directory [17] for 6,000 runes.

  • Jerky
  • White jerky

19 Can be found on the ground in the small western building of Woodfolk Ruins in Altus Plateau.

  • sweet raisins
  • warming stone

20 From the nomad merchant, which can be found by climbing the stairs northwest of the first camp on Mount Gelmir at the Place of Grace for 3,000 runes.

  • volcano pot
  • Volcano pot on a rope

21 On a corpse sitting at the end of the corridor of prison cells near Vulcan Manor at the Place of Grace.

  • beckoning pot

22 In a chest on the western side of the swamp north of the Place of Grace in the Lake of Rot.

  • pot of rot
  • Grease rot
  • Viscous grease rot

23 On a corpse on the side of the road north of the Consecrated Snowfield in the Place of Grace.

  • frozen raisins
  • Clarified cured meat
  • Clarified white cured meat

24 On a corpse on a cliff west of the Place of Grace “Palace Approach Ledge Road” near Mogwin Palace.

  • pot swarm
  • Jumping fly pot

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