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With the exception of other players, vampires in V Rising are few and far between. Most are extinct or dormant in their tombs, but those that roam the lands are ancient and powerful. Marshal of Nightmares, Styx the Destroyer is one such enemy, having been around since the days of Dracula himself. The years have not blunted his skills, and he presents a challenge to you in your quest to rule Vardoran.

In this guide, you will learn where to find the Nightmare Marshal, how his abilities work, the best ways to deal with them, and what you get after defeating him.

Where to find Marshal of Nightmares, Styx the Destroyer

Marshal of Nightmares, Styx the Destroyer is the last rogue boss you have to track down. He slowly patrols the eastern roads of the Cursed Forest region and fights the enemies he encounters. He has no other mobs with him, but he is strong enough to take down anyone he comes across, except hopefully you.

The Cursed Forest Gate will take you to this region, but you’ll probably have to travel a decent distance to get to Styx. By this point in the game, you should be close to the gear’s maximum durability, so the enemies waiting for you on the road shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you, and you can always run past them to save time.

Note: Since the Marshal of Nightmares is a roaming boss, it is recommended that you use your castle’s Blood Altar to determine its exact location.

How to defeat the Marshal of Nightmares, Styx the Destroyer

Marshal of Nightmares, Styx the Destroyer is one of the toughest enemies in V Rising, and it’s the last boss you’ll have to face without a Soul Shard. He has nasty melee and ranged attacks at his disposal, and his basic sword attacks deal heavy blows.

  • Styx often calls on red flocks of bats to help. They fly at you from behind the screen, move very quickly and deal damage over time. They are hard to dodge, so try to use your movement ability to move away from Styx when you see the first swarm start moving towards you.
  • Like the whirlwind blades of Morian, the Stormwing matriarch, Styx will spin and then throw out many of Sanguina’s spinning swords. They move very fast again and are hard to dodge completely. They appear in a spiral, so if you manage to move beyond the arc of the projectile, you will be in relative safety. Styx will start using this ability at around 75% health.
  • When health reaches half, Styx will disappear and summon three Vampire Vampires. They have a decent amount of health and will run around melee attacking you. They need to be killed as quickly as possible, otherwise Styx will continue to spawn them. Strong AoE abilities like Mirror Strike are great to deal with and should be your top priority as you can’t afford to focus on anything other than Styx’s abilities.
  • Styx likes to regularly teleport behind your back and then lunge and stab with his sword. As soon as you see that he has turned into a cloud of bats, run to the side and you will be able to dodge a frontal blow.
  • Styx will unlock his Ultimate ability when his health drops to around 20 percent. Your screen will turn dark red and it will take reduced damage from all sources. As with his regular ability, swarms of bats will fly in your direction, but this time there will be a lot of them. During this phase, it’s best to just run away, as any damage you deal will be reduced in effectiveness, making it very difficult to escape.

The fight will be difficult, and your mood will largely depend on how comfortable you are with dodging blades and swarms of bats. Chamber of the Damned and Sanguine Spiral are good defensive combos, while Chaos Wave will help shorten the fight time.

Mirror Strike is the best ult choice as long as you save it for the break, and Crimson Beam can be picked up if you’re having a hard time surviving.

The best weapons are the Clean Reaper or a sword, although a crossbow can be considered if you prefer to stay at a distance. The Blood Moon Armor is your forte, and the Blood of the Scientist will be very useful for additional healing.

Your playstyle can either be ranged or a combination of melee and kiting. Styx will have open positions where you can deal melee damage, but you need to be careful not to get hit by Sanguine’s many Swords or his Bat Packs. Keep patience and fight to the point of attrition to get your reward.

Rewards for defeating Marshal of Nightmares, Styx the Destroyer

Marshal of Nightmares, Styx the Destroyer will reward you with one of the best abilities in the entire game.

His bat-shaped vampire power will allow you to traverse impenetrable terrain and hover high above enemies that might try to oppose you. This ability has a rather long duration, so it cannot be used in combat to quickly hide. It has some limitations: you can’t carry any resources while transforming, and you’ll need a good place to land to return to vampire form.

Also, you are flying so high in the air that you can’t see anything on the ground. Mainly used to prevent you from spying on other players, it can make it difficult to scout certain areas, and you won’t be able to cast the spell indoors either, so you can’t fly around your own castle, unfortunately.

Despite these shortcomings, Batform is the best ability to quickly move around the map, and you will save a lot of time by using it properly during your adventures. However, be careful during the day, as you won’t be able to take cover in the shade. Although Mouse Form is not a combat tool, it is so useful that Styx should be considered a mandatory kill.

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