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In the beginning and middle of V Rising, you have to destroy various human bosses who seek to establish control over your former lands. However, as your power grows, you will start to face the powerful monsters that the game has to offer. Frostbite Mountain Horror is a difficult test that poses a serious threat to unprepared vampires.

In this guide, you will learn where to find Frostbite Mountain Horror, the best strategy for dealing with him, and what you will get as a reward if you manage to defeat him.

Where to find Frostfang Mountain Terror

Frostfang Mountain Terror can be found patrolling the main road in the Sacred Mountains. You may have never traveled to this location before looking for it, as there are no previous bosses or unique resources to make you come here. It is a snowy wasteland with a small variety of resources and enemies. Wolves and bears roam here, and there is even a stone golem that Frostfang will regularly engage in combat with. He defeats him fairly easily, but this could be a good opportunity to take on an easier fight.

There are no real enemies here to take care of before engaging Frostfang, just make sure you have some space to run around as you will have to dodge some big abilities. There is a Vampire Gate very close to his route, so you can teleport and engage him very quickly.

Note: Frostfang can technically be a roaming boss, but he has a very small patrol route and you can easily run in circles to find him. However, using the Blood Altar will save you time.

How to defeat Frostfang Mountain Terror

Frostbite Mountain Horror is a level 56 combat enemy and is considered a difficult opponent. He has some very strong abilities that you should be aware of, as well as a large amount of health. His first ability is to throw three frost bolts. When hit, they instantly freeze you for a few seconds, which can be very annoying. They are quite fast, so you can get hit by them, especially since the boss will use this move a lot throughout the fight.

Frostbite does a lot of melee damage; he uses a ground slam attack that creates waves of ice around the epicenter. Using the movement ability should be enough to get you out of range, but like most of his abilities, it unfolds quickly, so be on the lookout. Playing from a distance is the most important thing and you need to be careful if you get close in close combat. He regularly unleashes several quick frontal slashes that deal moderate damage, so try to move away from them as maintaining health is critical.

Frost has another slam that knocks you back on impact. This can work in your favor, as you still want to be at a distance, although sometimes he will make a dash before that, which can make it difficult for you to avoid him. He moves quickly, and a large amount of frost can mean that he will catch up with you very quickly.

Frostfang’s final attack is to turn the nearby area into a raging blizzard that obscures his view. He will then start running around, summoning ice spikes from the floor in random places. There will be several of them at any given time, and upon contact they will freeze you. He will continue to use a few basic melee moves, but the rest of the time he will try to hide at the edge of a snowstorm. The safest option would be to try kiting, as the boss’s increased mobility makes it difficult to hit him with skillful strikes, and you should focus on dodging the ice spikes.

Upon exiting the blizzard and at low health, Frostbite will cast a frontal Ice Beam that will sweep from left to right in a 180-degree arc. Again, on hit, it will freeze you, so try to get behind the boss as quickly as possible to dodge and deal free damage.

This fight is hard and you will probably want to change your spell set for it. Chaos Wave should be left to deal damage, but a shield spell like Chamber of the Damned will come in handy as it will allow you to completely negate his Frostbolts and get some token damage at the expense of spawned minions. The Merciless Iron Spear will deal good damage to Frosttooth since he is a creature and will allow you to stick a little further than other melee weapons. Merciless Hollow Fang Armor and Scientist’s Blood are your standard amulets, and try to bring some Parasite Salts with you for extra healing. The sanguine spiral can be used if you’re really having a hard time.

Rewards for defeating Frostbite Mountain Horror

Frostbite Mountain Horror only gives you two rewards, but both are useful. The first is the Frost Nova vampiric power, an exceptional tool in combination with another spell, Frost. This spell deals AoE damage, freezes any enemy already hit by cold for five seconds (half for enemy vampire players), and inflicts cold on hit. This spell synergizes very well with spells like Ice Bat and is great for both PvE and PvP. Crowd control is very important in PvP dueling, and a low duration freeze can easily turn the tide in your favor. The damage itself isn’t too great, but the control it gives can be a lifesaver if you’re surrounded by a horde of enemies in PvE.

Frosttooth’s second reward is a scroll recipe that can be crafted in the paper press building. To do this, you need to learn the technology from the office, but you most likely already own it. Crafting a scroll costs 12 Gems and 4 Papers, which can be spent as currency to research new technologies in the office itself. They are very useful and can be a great way to get more powerful equipment, otherwise you will have to randomly get the recipe in the world, which can be a serious effort. While Frostbite is by no means a mandatory boss, both rewards are worth picking up and can save you time in the long run.

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