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Bosses in V Rising interact with the open world in a variety of interesting ways. It is possible to spot the boss that is currently in combat and even steal his low health kill if you are very lucky. Meredith, the Light Archer is an enemy that can fall prey to environmental hazards and you might encounter her much sooner than expected.

This guide will help you find Meredith the Light Archer, provide you with the best combat strategies for defeating her, and tell you what rewards you will receive for doing so.

Where to find Meredith, the Light Archer

Meredith, the Bright Archer can be found patrolling the Haunted Iron Mine in the southern lands of DanlĂ­. She wanders along a predetermined route inside the mine itself and regularly comes into conflict with its many inhabitants. The mine is also inhabited by a level 46 undead commander, and they can often be encountered in combat. Meredith usually wins, but you can meet her in the middle of the fight and take advantage of her health reduction or even get a free kill!

Despite being the best source of iron ore in V Rising, the Haunted Iron Mine has many enemies, ranging between typical undead swarms and militia patrols. These groups will fight each other on the spot, so try to take advantage of this to get some free kills, as it may take you a while to clear the shaft depending on where Meredith is at the moment. Using the Blood Altar is optional, it can always be found in the mine, and the route is very linear.

Approximately every 30 seconds, the mine will erupt, throwing pools of Unholy Fire on the ground in random places. This will happen during your encounter with Meredith and you should beware of them as they hit quite hard and can cause you to be overwhelmed by her abilities.

Note: There are many chests and golden chests scattered throughout the mine, and this is a great place to pick up a variety of loot as you move towards Meredith.

How to defeat Meredith the Light Archer

Meredith, the Light Archer is a level 52 enemy with several abilities, some of which can be quite powerful. She is considered one of the easiest bosses in the mid game and can be played quite aggressively against her, especially if she is fighting the Undead Commander. Her first attack is a simple Arrow Shot, dealing light damage. Circle around the boss as you deal damage and you shouldn’t be hit by this attack at all.

Sometimes Meredith turns this shot into a Blessed Arrow that stuns you on impact. The stun lasts for a long time and can leave you vulnerable to other abilities; try to keep a close eye on your position so that she can’t pull off a combo. The boss also unleashes a fairly standard AoE strike with arrows, dealing damage in the form of a puddle on the floor. It’s easy enough to dodge him.

Meredith’s best attack is to move multiple times, making a melee attack each time she spawns. This ability is very fast and will most likely cause you to miss all spells aimed at its previous location. The damage it deals isn’t anything special, but you’ll probably want to save your movement ability to try and react to it.

With the last spell, she summons two Militia warriors to help. On their own, they are not very difficult opponents, but it is definitely a priority to focus them so that you have fewer variables and can focus on killing Meredith. Her moves aren’t very strong, and as long as you don’t fall victim to her Blessed Arrow stun, you’ll be fine with the right gear.

Speaking of which, get your iron weapon ready, a sword is a great option. For armor, use Ruthless or normal hollow bones, and for spells, use Shadow Bolt and Chaos Wave. Scientist’s blood is always very useful for boosting magical attacks, and if you want to play it safe, a holy resistance potion will help you take less damage from most of Meredith’s attacks.

Rewards for defeating Meredith, the Light Archer

Meredith, the Bright Archer has only a few awards, the first of which is the Sanguine Spiral vampire power. It deals low magic damage, but heals you for some of the damage dealt on hit. She will also heal an ally if she passes through them and transfer a small portion of that healing to you. This is a great healing ability, so if you’re playing in a more supportive style, it can be a really strong option for healing your teammates. The damage is low, so you might not want to use it for optimal damage, but if you find it difficult to deal with the boss alone, this can be a good alternative.

Another reward you will receive is the Wool Thread Recipe. It can be easily obtained from most of the mobs in DanlĂ­ farms, so it is not vital for your development, but can be a good way to get additional resources. To make a woolen thread, you need eight coarse threads and 12 fiery flowers.

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