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The Stitched Hydra, also simply referred to as the Hydra, is a world boss in Diablo Immortal associated with a zone event called Kulle’s Hidden Chambers. This event takes place daily in the Zoltun Kulle Library, an area directly north of the Shassar Sea. However, before adventurers can take part in Kull’s Hidden Chambers, they must first enter Hell I. In case anyone doesn’t know, Hell I-IV are playable mutators that alter the difficulty of Diablo Immortal. As they progress through the end game content, increasing their paragon levels and monster battle rating, players gain access to higher levels of Hell.

Hell I in Diablo Immortal requires heroes to complete the main campaign and reach level 60, after which they can change the difficulty of the game by selecting the “skull icon” on the Westmarch map screen. Once that’s done, head to Zoltun Kulle’s library to start participating in Kulle’s Hidden Chambers.

The main goal of Kulle’s Hidden Chambers is for players to “collect the lost pages in Zoltun Kulle’s library”. More specifically, the adventurers must find and collect five Lost Pages in order to open the Portal Tomes, which give access to Kull’s Hidden Chambers. Each time a Portal Tome is opened, there is a chance that a Linked Hydra or Sandstone Golem will spawn on the map in Diablo Immortal. Due to this RNG mechanic, it may take some time to attempt to summon the Hydra during the solo playthrough of the event. Therefore, it is best to go through the “Hidden Chambers of Kulle” together with other players, as they also have a chance to summon the world boss.

How to defeat Hydra in Diablo Immortal

The Lost Pages appear on the ground as shiny golden sheets of paper that randomly appear all over the Zoltun Kulle Library map. By picking up one of them, you will advance in achieving the goal of the event by 1/5. Portal tomes are not shared with other players, so adventurers must “individually work together” to summon the Flesh Hydra in Diablo Immortal. Once the player or someone else has summoned the Hydra, everyone can gather in the arena north of the Impure Entrance.

Defeating the Hydra Boss in Diablo Immortal requires multiple adventurers. In other words, it’s unlikely that a single hero can single-handedly defeat this world boss with 20 million HP. Below is a short list of the main mechanics that players should be aware of when fighting the Hydra:

  • Acid Spit: Hydra will spit acid in a frontal AoE capable of hitting multiple targets;
  • Lingering Acid Pool: The Hydra spews a large pool of acid in front of it. For a few seconds, this puddle will remain, dealing continuous damage to those in it;
  • Tail Sweep: The Hydra periodically flaps its tail, knocking back all units within its attack range.

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