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Most of the bosses in V Rising have a specific location and can be tracked using the Altar of Blood structure. Some untrackable boss is notorious for frustrating many players due to its ambiguous location. However, the Blight Rat is actually surprisingly easy to find if you know where to look!

In this guide, you will learn how to summon the Blight Rat, how to fight him, and what rewards you will receive by defeating him in combat.

Where to find Blight Rat

After reading the description of the Blight Rat, you will notice that it is untraceable. This is because the boss needs to be summoned using the Parasite Nest structure. Requiring 360 stones and one hundred and twenty bones, the nest will allow you to spawn various types of rodents, including the boss itself. To summon the Blight Rat, you need:

  • One dusky perch
  • Four fish bones
  • Eight grave dust

Grave dust can be obtained from skeleton mobs and cemeteries, and it will not be difficult to find it. Similarly, fish bones can be obtained early in the game from bandit camps and from destructible crates. At this point in the game, you will likely already have these resources hidden in one of the chests. The real problem is the dusky snapper, a fish that needs to be caught from a water source with a fishing rod.

The Fishing Rod can be crafted at the Woodworking Workshop for:

  • Eight boards
  • Four copper ingots
  • Four coarse threads

Once you’ve crafted your fishing rod, find a body of water that has schools of bubbling fish. Use the fishing rod and click on the shallows. Now you need to wait until the bubble water splashes and then click again to catch the fish. Sometimes you won’t be rewarded with any fish and whatever you catch will be random, so you might have to wait a while until you find a Shadow Bass. There is currently no way to influence which fish you can catch, and schools can be quite tricky to spot. A good spot is usually the northeast river in Farbane Forest, where there are usually two to three schools of fish along a long quay. Despite this, in any body of water there may be one of them.

Note: Fish caught with a pole can be placed in the Ravager to obtain fish bones and fish scales.

Once you have all the required materials, place them in the Parasite Nest to start the summoning. After the thirty second creation timer expires, Blight Rat will automatically spawn, so make sure you and your clan are ready for the boss fight.

How to defeat the Blight Rat

The Blight Rat is a level 30 boss that isn’t particularly difficult. He usually just melee attacks on anyone who gets in his area of ​​effect, and his attacks are not particularly powerful. From time to time, he will completely disappear and spawn a large number of minions – giant rats. This is where you will want to use your AoE abilities, as the rats are not very strong and can be easily destroyed.

The Merciless Night Stalker’s armor and the Merciless Copper weapons are strong enough to take down a rat, and the main difficulty of the boss is simply to summon it. In terms of spells, After Hit and Corpse Explosion are good options for dealing a lot of AoE damage, and should be more than enough to help you deal with giant rats.

Rewards for defeating the Blight Rat

The putrid rat only gives you one reward for drinking its blood, and that is Vampiric Power in the form of a rat. An interesting spell, its use is limited in PvE content, but it can be devastating in PvP. You turn into a tiny rat, which reduces the range of enemies. This allows you to roam the bandit camps with little to no resistance, although enemies will still attack you if you get too close, and any damage taken will break the spell. While turning into a rat, you don’t move faster, and the damage reduction isn’t big enough to make this ability really amazing, but it can save you from having to constantly fight your way through an entire camp of enemies.

Rat Form’s primary use is in PvP, where the lack of a health bar allows you to unleash surprisingly effective attacks on other players. Most players don’t expect you to move around in rat form, and this can be a great way to sneak up on enemies or get away from them.

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