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To progress smoothly in the Tower of Fantasy game, you need to upgrade your character’s abilities regularly. Fortunately, there are several consumables in the game that, when used, provide some buff, either temporary or permanent. Mighty Mushrooms are one such consumable that permanently increases your stamina when used, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them. However, getting Mighty Mushrooms in the game can be tricky. If you need help resolving this issue, please refer to the guide below.

Mighty Mushrooms are unlike other resources in the game as they cannot be found in the public domain. Contrary to the expectations of many, they cannot be obtained or cooked. If you want to get Mighty Mushrooms, you need to unlock certain achievements or get them as a research reward.

The more you explore the region, the more intelligence points you will accumulate. The following is the Intelligence Point Threshold that must be overcome in each region in order to obtain the Mighty Mushroom.

  • Warren – 750 intelligence points
  • Crown – 765 intelligence points
  • Navia – 905 intelligence points
  • Astra – 965 intelligence points
  • Bangs – 1095 intelligence points

In addition, you can earn Mighty Mushrooms through achievement rewards. There are 12 ranks in total that you can get, and for climbing each rank you will receive a Mighty Mushroom. However, you won’t get Mighty Mushroom for the last rank, so you can only get 11 of them in total.

To use the Mighty Mushroom, simply open your inventory and scroll down until you see the Mighty Mushroom. Select an item and click “Use” to consume it. Each time you consume a Mighty Mushroom, it increases your maximum stamina by 50. This is certainly not an improvement that should be neglected.

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