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In Genshin Impact, Antique Stone is a rare ore found around the Rift. It is said to be found only in the veins of the most ancient mountains. However, despite its high value, the rarity of the Antique Stone means that many people are unaware of its existence. When you received the Antique Stone from Kong Jun, it was given by the very incarnation of Azhdaha. It’s easy to see that this gift is of a much higher quality than the Antique Stones that players get from the Rift.

By collecting Antique Stones in Genshin Impact, you can earn about 60 Source Stones. However, keep in mind that this special ore does not respawn. Therefore, after collecting one stone, travelers should remember to mark this place on their map. This way, they won’t have to go back to the same place when they try to find all the available Antique Stones in the Rift. To help complete this quest, players can refer to this article for all the locations of Antique Stones in Genshin Impact.

Where to find all Antique Stones in Genshin Impact

A total of nine Genshin Impact Antique Stones can be found on the surface of the Rifts. Seven of them are located on high ground (marked with a pickaxe symbol), and two Ancient Stones, marked with an exclamation point, are located at ground level or underground. The Antique Stone in Fuao Vale is the one that can be found underground.

What is the Antique Stone for in Genshin Impact?

Antique Stone is a glowing blue stone that must be destroyed in order to be obtained. They don’t count as ore, so players can’t rely on Ninguang’s passive to find them.

In order to use the Antique Stone in Genshin Impact, players need to speak with Mooning, a specialist from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. He will express his concerns about the search for the Antique Stone. This is the same gem that Kong Jun gave the travelers in the second act of Zhong Li’s story quest.

Then Mooning will ask the protagonist to sell him a souvenir, which, of course, he will refuse. Luckily, Mooning will say that lower quality Antique Stones will do for him and ask the travelers to bring him three Antique Stones. This will trigger the quest “He who seeks the stone speaks.”

Once Genshin Impact players have collected three Antique Gems, simply speak to Mooning and give the Gems to him.

After giving Mooning the first three Antique Stones in Genshin Impact, you will complete the quest. However, after that, players can sell him six more Antique Stones. For every three Ancient Stones, travelers will receive 20 Source Stones and a decent amount of Mora.

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