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V Rising features dozens of materials for players to find and create. As with most survival games, you’ll need a large supply of materials to upgrade your base, gear, and more. Sulfur is one of the rarest resources in the game and is associated with the creation of explosives, which you will need in some of the boss fights.

Making explosives in V Rising is fairly easy, but finding sulfur early in the game can be tricky. In this guide, we will explain where you can find sulfur ore in V Rising, how to process it and how to use this resource.

The best place to find sulfur ore in V Rising

The best place to mine sulfur ore is the Bandit Sulfur Quarry on the western edge of Farbane Forest. Walk west until you reach the western edge of the region. Head to the southern corner of the area to find a quarry. You will also be directed to Brimstone Quarry when you find Clive Firestar’s blood.

Be sure to fight Clive, as collecting his blood will unlock the ability to make explosives, which you will need to infiltrate fortified bandit camps and large resource clusters scattered across the map. Defeating Clive will also unlock the recipe for processing sulfur ore into raw sulfur, which is needed to make explosives.

Outside the Sulfur Quarry, this resource appears to be infrequent. While exploring, keep an eye out for sulfur caches.

How to use sulfur in V Rising

Once you get your hands on sulfur ore and defeat Clive Firebreather, you can process it into raw sulfur and use it to create various explosives. The process is quite simple:

  • Place 15 sulfur ores in the furnace. This gives one sulfur;
  • Create an alchemy table and interact with it;
  • Use sulfur, planks and stones to create a box for small explosives.

Once crafted, you can place the Explosive Crate anywhere you see fit. Damage the crate to light a fuse that destroys most objects nearby. You will need to use these explosives to kill some of the V Blood bosses – in particular, the bandit king Kunika.

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