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While exploring the Nirvana Night Citadel as part of the Genshin Impact Apocalypse of Eternal Night quest, travelers will come across unique event items called Nightwatch Contracts. These sealed letters are stored in precious chests hidden in the Citadel of Nirvana Night. Each chest contains only one contract with no other noteworthy items. According to the item’s description, the Night Watch Contract is “written and signed by Fischl, used to authorize the opening of the navigation station” in Genshin Impact. Naturally, Travelers will be interested to know what these “navigation stations” are and where they can be found.

The “Navigation Stations” of the Night Watch contracts refer to the Steam Island Raven Airways, an unlockable fast travel system that uses wind currents as a means of fast travel. At each of the viewpoints operated by Raven Airlines, travelers will meet a Night Raven flight attendant. If you give one of them a contract for a night watchman, he will receive permission to open the wind currents leading to the next navigation station. There are five such places in total, and on the fifth of them a “special prize” awaits the player.

How to find Night Watch Contracts

To find contracts, fast travel to the waypoint in the north of Steamy Island in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Then head south and glide to a small navigation deck overlooking the southern islet and the beaches below. On a small platform jutting out of the mountain range, players will find a Night Raven figurine sitting on a small table. Talk to the statue and give it one Nightwatch Contract to unlock another viewpoint. From here, it is not necessary to know the exact location of the next stop, as the wind currents will take the player straight to the next Raven Airline flight attendant.

How to use Night Watch Contracts

However, for the sake of simplicity, you can select Night Watch Contracts in the following order:

  • Stop at the middle mountain
  • Stop at the top
  • Stop “Castle Viewpoint”
  • Stop “Boss Night Raven”
  • Stop “Flight Teacher”

If fans are wondering where exactly the winds are blowing them, they can open their map and look for small square platforms with a wooden texture. There are four of these platforms scattered throughout Steamy Island, and the last place to turn in a Nightwatch contract is on the connection towers to the northwest. Talk to the flight director to receive a “special reward”.

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