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Some of the ingredients in Tower of Fantasy are fairly easy to find. You can search the area and stumble upon hundreds of identical items. But there are some ingredients that you will never find because they are very rare. Hazelnuts are one of those rare ingredients that are very hard to find in Tower of Fantasy. These little nuts are easy to miss, but luckily there are several places to find them.

If you want to get hazelnuts, you’ll have to look for a long time. They don’t always spawn in locations across the map. Hazelnuts only spawn in the Navia region. This is the third region you will enter during the story, but you can get there quite early by heading north from the Bang region in Chapter 2.

Where to find hazelnuts

At present, we have found very few hazelnut spawning grounds. They seem to spawn most often near rivers. In their description you will find information that they are found in the Navia region. Most often we find hazelnuts near the river in the Seventh Day Forest in this region. Be careful with enemies – ravagers and hyenas. There are quite a few of them, and you can fight them.

How to use hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are by far one of the best ingredients you can get in Tower of Fantasy. If you manage to find a few nuts, it’s best to eat them on their own. Hazelnuts will heal your character for seven percent of their health plus another 15,000. This ingredient will also replenish your character’s satiety meter by four points. Of course, you can also use this ingredient in food at any cooking station across the map.

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