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To craft the best gear in V Rising, you will need endgame materials such as Biscuit Stone and Dark Silver Bars. To create these materials, you will need a large supply of glass, which can be obtained by processing quartz scattered around Vardoron.

Quartz is one of the rarest natural materials in V Rising, however there are several places where this resource can be mined. In this guide, we’ll show you a good place to mine quartz in the mid game, as well as how you can turn quartz into some V Rising materials in the late game.

The best place to find quartz in V Rising

Most of the quartz you will find on the farmlands of Danlí, in particular in the village of Rassvet. The late game zones also have quartz, but by the time you need quartz and glass, you will most likely already be at Danlí Farms.

In the Village of Dawn, you need to head to an isolated building in the northwestern part of the village. Three clusters of quartz are guaranteed to appear here. Beware of the enemies that guard this place, as they can easily kill you if you are not prepared enough. Collect quartz, work for a day or two on another resource, and then come back here to repeat. Quartz can also be found in the Farmlands and other late game zones, so be on the lookout.

As for other farming sites, quartz can be found at Danlí Monastery and Mossvik Village on Danlí Farmland. He can also spawn in the Cursed Forest and the Silverlight Hills.

How to use quartz in V Rising

Quartz can be processed into glass using a furnace. The process looks like this:

  • Collect 15 quartz and place it in the furnace;
  • Wait for it to turn into glass;
  • Use glass to craft Scargestone and other endgame materials.

Glass is not only used for windows. This resource is needed to craft V Rising late game items. You’ll need tons of glass to craft Biscuit Stone and Dark Silver Ingots, so collect Quartz caches when you find them. Given the rarity of glass, it’s best to mine quartz and craft glass yourself to gain access to these materials in the late game.

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