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In Elden Ring, are your flasks of crimson and azure tears no longer helpful? Don’t worry, we’ve been through this. As you level up your character and increase their stats, the base flags with crimson and azure tears will no longer be able to effectively regenerate health and mana.

Don’t worry! There is a solution: upgrade the flask with Sacred Tears. They can be found in the open world of Elden Ring and will help restore health and mana when used. Everything you need to know about Sacred Tears and where each one is located is covered here.

How to use Sacred Tears in Elden Ring

Using Sacred Tears in Elden Ring is quite simple. All you need to do is head to the nearest Place of Grace and instead of resting or leveling up, select the Flask option from the menu. Then select “Increase Flasks” to use Sacred Tear and upgrade your Sacred Flasks.

Where to find all Sacred Tears

They are always located at the foot of a large statue in the ruins of the Temples, which are numerous in different regions of the game. This is where the difficulty lies: all Sacred Tears can be found in the Temple, but not all Temples have Sacred Tears. Just take a look at the following places:

Holy Tear #1

You will find the first Sacred Tear in Limgrave, next to the Third Temple of Marika. This temple is quite close to the starting area. Just saddle your horse, head towards the temple and beware of the surrounding enemies. Next to the temple is the Place of Grace. You will find this Sacred Tear in front of a giant statue inside the temple.

Holy Tear #2

Southwest of the first tear is the Fourth Temple of Marika. Here you will find another Sacred Tear. Along the way, look into the ruins of Tombsworth to take the Winged Scythe in the Weeping Peninsula.

Holy Tear #3

Not far from the Fourth Temple of Marika, in the Temple of Pilgrimage, there is another Sacred Tear. It can be found directly north of Little Erdtree of the Weeping Peninsula, at the northernmost point of the area.

However, keep in mind that there are enemies nesting inside ready to surprise you, so equip yourself before you go there.

Sacred Tear #4

To the west of the Wailing Peninsula is a place called Castle Morn Rampart, which you can climb. A few steps to the south is the Kallu Baptismal Church. The Sacred Tear is in its usual place, but beware of the army of rats inside.

Holy Tear #5

Theoretically, it could be a long time before you get your hands on a holy tear in the Temple of Iryth in Liurnia, since it is located behind the first dungeon and demigod – Thunder Veil and Godric castles, respectively.

Turn left as you exit the back door of the Storm Veil and you will soon see a temple on the edge of Liurnia’s cliff.

Tip: If you are having difficulty and want to improve your healing before entering Thunder Veil Castle, there is a hidden path to the right of the castle that can be accessed from the broken bridge north of the Storm Hill shack. This will allow you to bypass Storm Veil Castle altogether.

Sacred Tear #6

To the north of Raya Lukaria Academy is the Temple of Bellum, across the street from the ruined entrance. You will definitely see her on the way to the Great Dectus Rise.

Sacred Tear #7

To the east of the Temple of Bellum and up the cliffs is the Temple of Restraint. There is another Sacred Tear inside, but to get there you have to go past Raging Flame Tower and Raging Flame Village.

Sacred Tear #8

At the Altus Plateau, take the road heading north from the Altus Highway junction. To the northwest you will see the Second Temple of Marika.

Sacred Tear #9

There is a Sacred Tear in the Stormcrystal Temple, but to get to it, you will have to approach it from the north, as there are cliff edges near it.

Holy Tear #10

The Plague Temple is located inside Kaelid, namely in the City of Witchcraft. However, the door will be closed until you light a fire on top of the nearby tower.

To get to the tower, simply follow the branches that develop from the door. Once you light the fire, the seal on that region’s door will be broken and you can enter the temple to claim your tear.

Sacred Tear #11

On the southern edge of the frozen lake, atop the Giant Mountains, stands the First Temple of Marika with a teardrop inside. However, the climb will not be easy, and there are a lot of enemies around, including an ice dragon, so it’s better to climb prepared.

Sacred Tear #12

The Last Tear can be found in the Temple of Peace. You can find it at the foot of the forge in Giant’s Mountain. The entrance to this temple is guarded by an NPC who will pounce on you, but you can always enter the temple, activate the “Place of Grace” and deal with the NPC later.

The Tear, as always, will be in front of the statue inside.

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