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Raft gives players complete freedom of action in a brutal open survival world. With this freedom, each journey has its own story and outcome, giving the game a unique sense of replayability.

One of the nice aspects of Raft is the collection of materials so that players can build their own structures according to their preferences. Some may start fishing for food first, while others will immediately start planting and harvesting vegetables. In any case, collecting materials is essential for survival, especially wood and plastic. Regardless of gameplay, players will have to rely on both of these materials to build their structure.

How to mine plastic in Raft

Raft offers many ways to get plastic. Once players start the game, they will find plastic everywhere, which can be picked up by hand or with a plastic hook. It can be either a floating plastic bottle or a rectangular piece.

Eventually, when players figure out how to mine plastic, there will be so much of it that people will start throwing it back into the ocean to get rid of it.

Barrels and loot boxes

Collecting plastic in Raft is pretty easy. They are one of the materials available in barrels and crates.

Meanwhile, loot boxes can be found on floating abandoned rafts. However, players should be careful, as any move will cause the raft to sink almost instantly.

Simple trash net

Raft garbage collection nets are the best invention for collecting plastic. When any floating material passes through them, it is automatically caught. They are easy to create, so players can arrange them throughout their structure.

However, not all so simple. Sailors must constantly monitor the direction of the wind to keep the structure moving forward. This is important because the boat will go through all the floating materials, collecting as many of them as there are nets built on it.

Players can use plastic to craft various items, such as in Raft:

  • Items that help get food: Pots for cooking;
  • Items that help with plants and water: Empty cups, Empty bottles and Simple cleaners;
  • Weapons: Stone arrows and net launchers;
  • Tools: Plastic hooks;
  • Resources: Batteries and fins;
  • Navigation: Oars and receivers;
  • And other items like small storages and simple beds.

Plastic can be stored in one slot up to 20 pieces. Given the fact that it’s scattered all over the ocean in Raft, plastic will quickly take up all the free space in players’ inventories. It is better to create storage facilities and store plastic there until it is needed.

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