where to find and how to change the characteristics of the character

Larval Tear is a rare item in Elden Ring. They are scattered all over the map and you can use them to change your character’s stats. The NPC in charge of the stat redeployment is Queen Fullmoon Rennale if you defeat her.

After defeating her, she will become an NPC capable of resurrecting your character. And she will gladly do this if you give her a Larva Tear in exchange.

Where to find all Larvae’s Tears

Larva Tear #1

The first Larval Tear can be found in the Graveyard, by the rocks above the southern Place of Grace on Lake Eghill. On one of the cliffs above, but below the enemy camp, you will find an undead soldier. After defeating him, he will turn into a Rune Bear thanks to a spell. When you defeat the bear, it will drop Larva’s Tear.

Larva Tear #2

Find a shrimp roaming the northern part of the Folly at Grace Lake. Shrimp, like any monster that looks like an undead, is a bait that, upon victory, turns into an Augmented offspring. After defeating her in full form, you will receive a Tear of the Larvae.

Larva Tear #3

In Kariya’s manor, you will find Pydia, who will sell the Larva’s Tear for 3,000 runes. It can be found on the balcony above the Place of Grace on the lower level of the estate, which can only be accessed by climbing down the rocks on the southwest side of the Three Sisters.

Larva Tear #4

Can be found in the cemetery in the town of Albinaruic Village. To the east of the Place of Grace, in addition to the stone coffins where all the enemies are.

Larva Tear #5

Once you get to the Siofra River Spring, you will see a series of walls that wrap around the pillar. Climb them up and follow the walls to the cave at the back of the area. Here you will find a merchant selling Larval Tear.

Larva Tear #6

In the Star Waste South, not far from the Temple of the Dragon Communion, you will find a soldier standing nearby. Defeat this seemingly weak enemy to unlock its true form: a giant death troll. Well, then you know. If you manage to defeat his true form, you will receive a Larval Tear.

Larva Tears #7, #8 and #9

Travel to Nokron, the eternal city. Here you will find a total of three tears. You can find one of the tears on a corpse lying inside a stone building next to the Place of Grace “Siofra River Spring”.

To find the next tear, you need to head to the gazebo, in the center of which is a Larval Tear. Watch out for slugs falling from the sky.

The Last Tear is inside the Sacred Land of Night. There is a Silver Tear, disguised as a large inanimate ball. Defeat him to get a Larva Tear.

Larva Tear #10

If you choose to defeat the False Tear found in this area, you will also be able to get your hands on another Larvae Tear.

Larva Tear #11

Look for an undead enemy lurking in the corner of the ruins east of the Lesser Tree of Erd in the Altus Plateau. This opponent will transform into Guardian Lion and give you a Larva’s Tear after defeating him.

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