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Traveling through the lands of Varadon can be exhausting in V Rising. Large spaces and deadly bandit camps can make getting around quite inconvenient. Fortunately, there are several ways to speed up the movement. You can turn into a wolf, use teleports scattered throughout the map, or use a horse.

Horses serve as the best means of transportation in V Rising. They are easy to find, easy to maintain, they allow you to attack while moving and have no resource limits – unlike portals. In this quick guide, we’ll cover where to find horses in V Rising, the basic controls for them, and how to keep them alive after exiting the game.

Where to find a horse in V Rising

Horses can be found throughout the DanlĂ­ farmlands. The nearest one is at the southeastern entrance to the province, but you can find them in stables on farms or tied to wagons in towns. Run up to any stationary stallion and, holding the interact key, harness it. They will become obedient and allow you to ride them all the time. If you lose a horse, return to the Farmlands to find another one.

Horses also have three indicators:

  • Max Speed: How fast they can run.
  • Acceleration: How quickly the horse reaches its maximum speed.
  • Rotation Speed: How fast the horse can change direction.

These numbers are a little random. You can view the horse’s statistics by opening the inventory. We are not sure if there is a way to increase the horse’s performance. As soon as we find out, we will update this guide.

horse use

Using a horse is quite simple:

  • Movement: By default, horses move slowly. Use the Gallop ability (Space by default) to go full sprint forward.
  • and While on horseback, you can use basic attacks, although weapon and vampire abilities are disabled.
  • Dismounting: Press “Q” to bring up a small crosshair. Press the button again or left-click to jump to where you were aiming. The horse will remain motionless unless provoked.

While mounted, you cannot use abilities, but you can use basic melee attacks. Horses move noticeably faster than wolf form and allow you to attack, so we strongly recommend that you use a horse for movement whenever possible. Be aware that if you are attacked from horseback, you will fall to the ground. Attack only when necessary.

Warning: While horses are protected from the sun, you are not. Riding a horse during the day is very dangerous and not recommended.

Keeping your horses alive

Horses need water to stay alive in V Rising. You will need to give the horses water through full water pots so that they do not lose moisture while you are away. As with the castle hearth, water is passively consumed at any time – even when you are out of the game (if the server is still running). One filled waterskin is enough for about 7.5 hours. To fill the skin, use the item next to any body of water.

Water Hide can be crafted from inventory and requires Leather and Plant Fibers.

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