where to find and how to activate teleports

Teleports in Encanomiya are now sealed due to the “Offering the Gates of the Three Worlds” event in Genshin Impact. For those who have already explored this realm, a surprise awaits: The darkness of decay has completely spread. Because of this, teleports will become unavailable until you can activate them again. Here is our guide to help you unlock teleporters, as well as find Abyssal Bone Ore and Tokoyo Beans.

How to Unlock Enkanomiya Teleporters and Deep Bone Ore and Tokoyo Beans

At the very beginning of the Three Worlds Gate Offering event in Genshin Impact, you will receive a Bokuso box from an NPC named Tsumi. This fixture is very important as it ties into your exploration of the kingdom throughout the event.

In any case, just follow the guide and before heading to another floating island, be sure to check out the vassal statue in the central area. You should see the ‘Offering at the Statue’ option, which allows you to spend the Seal of the World of Light to upgrade the Bokuso box.

The first upgrade, which costs 80 Lightworld Seals, allows the box to mark the locations of Tokoyo Beans and Deep Bone Ore on your map (i.e. they will have corresponding icons). You should have enough Seals at the start, so go ahead and make an offering.

Further, while exploring the darkened area of ​​Encanomiya, you will find several sealed teleporters (as shown in the picture). When interacting with them, you will be told that you need the aforementioned Tokoyo Beans and Deep Bone Ore.

Note: Tsumi will ask you to visit the lands in a specific order (i.e. northwest, northeast and south). If you advance further, the teleporters there cannot be unlocked, as you will have to upgrade the Bokuso box once more.

Let’s say you got a level 1 promotion and traveled to the northeast of the earth. Now it’s time to collect these resources (teleports and towers tend to have a bunch of these resources nearby).

After collecting a few, return to the fast travel point and place them inside. You should now be able to unlock the teleporter.

Note: There is currently no information on whether Tokoyo Beans and Deep Bone Ore will spawn in Genshin Impact in the coming days. Since they are also used for puzzles in the tower, I just used them sparingly. Ideally, I would prefer one fast travel point in the main area, as well as a lone teleporter in the tower area.

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