Where to find all the red bricks in LEGO DC Super-Villains

Lots of red bricks can be found across 20 stages in LEGO DC Super-Villains. As you progress through the mysterious and gripping story of the Joker, Harley Quinn and their villain friends trying to figure out who the Justice Syndicate is, you’ll also be able to pick up some collectibles.

What are red bricks?

Red bricks are collectible items found throughout every stage of the Lego game. Each of them gives a specific cheat that can be activated in the pause menu. Things like spike multipliers and fun but harmless modifiers don’t affect the progress of your achievements.

Each stage has one brick hidden in different places, for a total of 20 red bricks. Some of them require completing other levels to unlock characters with certain skills, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you’ve found a Red Brick in a stage and unlocked the cheat code associated with it, you can instantly toggle it on and off from the main menu. Remember that in order to achieve 100% progress, you need to collect all the red bricks.

Location of each red brick

Most bricks are easy to find. However, some of them may not be possible if you don’t have the right character. You will most likely have to replay the level in Free Roam first before you can pick up these collectibles.

Stage Location Unlocks Level 1 Supported by the golden statue in the clock tower. Helium mode Level 2 In the iceberg hall on the second floor, use the speed character to break the blue panel. Paint Spot Marks Level 3 Found in the first main room after killing five targets in quick succession. Big Head Mode Level 4 Destroy the statue on the rooftop in the final party area Collect the guide pins Level 5 Destroy the golden grate while fighting the level boss and jump down. Minikite Detector Level 6 Use the batarang to hit the bat symbol, revealing two plants that you must grow and use to open the brick. Attract Studs Level 7 Pull it by the hook from the center platform to the left next to the vehicle model. Confetti Punch Level 8 Use the mirror jump to reach the brick behind the glass wall. Hairpins x2 Level 9 Find a sea monster and sing to it in the correct order. Quick Interaction Level 10 Enter the three-digit code in the safe at LexCorp that matches the code on the left. Pew-Pew Mode Level 11 Located in the lobby near the main rooms. Use a telekinetic character to hypnotize a minion and force him to press the button. Gold Brick Detector Level 12 Ring the Amazonian bells on the tower by the broken bridge. DC Signatures Level 13 Use the speed character to activate the space treadmill on the ledge above Batman and Owlman. Character Token Detector Level 14 Destroy the golden lock on the right side of Wayne Tower’s main room. Destruction Mode Level 15 Hidden above Darkseid’s Throne. Hairpins x4 Bonus level 1 In the bathroom in the starting area. Hairpins x6 Bonus Level 2 Use Batman to flip the bat switch on the starting platform. Super Slap Bonus Level 3 Grow the plant located on the boss platform. Hairpins x8 Bonus Level 4 Go up the stairs on the left and destroy the door that will appear after destroying everything in the room. Party Hat Mode Bonus Level 5 Found in the trophy room. Studs x10

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