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By being able to breathe underwater in Horizon: Forbidden West and unlocking the snorkeling mask, you will discover many new places to explore. Many locations, collectibles, and items are covered by deep water that goes too far or deep for Aloy to successfully hold her breath. Luckily, when you finally get to craft your diving mask, you’ll have unlimited oxygen and be able to dive as deep as you want, for as long as you want. Anyway, here’s how to breathe underwater in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Warning: This guide contains minor spoilers for the main story of Horizon: Forbidden West, but every effort has been made to keep them as small as possible.

How to breathe underwater in Horizon: Forbidden West?

In order to breathe underwater in Horizon: Forbidden West, Aloy will need special equipment – a special item that provides a constant supply of oxygen and allows the player to be under water for hours on end. It is worth noting that it does not allow you to do anything else in the water, such as swim faster or use weapons, but it gives you unlimited time to search for everything you need.

How to get the Horizon: Forbidden West diving mask?

The Diving Mask is a special piece of equipment that Aloy unlocks as part of the Forbidden West main campaign storyline, as certain storyline missions cannot be completed without it. In particular, she appears during Aloy’s search for Poseidon’s artificial intelligence in the “Sandy Sea” quest. During the course of this quest, Aloy will encounter three characters who want to find an item underwater but can’t hold their breath long enough to do so, not to mention they aren’t exactly people of action. One of them offers Aloy help in making a diving mask if she can get the components and explore the water for those components, which will result in Aloy going in search of the following mask crafting resources:

  • 1 capsule with compressed air;
  • 1 machine knee cup;
  • 1 synthetic membrane.

These items aren’t lying around and Aloy won’t have them with her – they’re special contextual crafting items that only serve that function. This means that Aloy will have to go and blow some robots to pieces until she finds what she needs.

How to create a diving mask and get all the components

The first thing you need to get is a compressed air capsule. This is by far the easiest component – just dive into the flooded elevator shaft marked and it’s on a diving bell halfway down.

Once the capsule is found, you have to complete a special hunting task: Aloy goes after a group of whitebacks and jumpers – kill them and get parts of the diving mask. However, they are not where they are usually found, so first there will be a search quest in which Aloy follows the purple footprints found by her Focus through the nearby ruins.

You’ll encounter numerous groups of vehicles along the way, but it’s worth noting that they’re completely optional if that’s not the herd you’re looking for. They range from simple Norocops to fairly strong Kites, so feel free to engage them as much as you like – they’re easy to sneak around, though those closer to the herd risk becoming a problem if they eavesdrop on your fight.

When you find a herd, the Bellowbacks will have a Synthetic Membrane and the Jumpers will have a Kneecap. Whitebacks are weak to freeze (shooting their tank can blow them up and inflict brittle status), and lip slashers can explode if you electrocute the power coils on their backs. Otherwise, you need to stay very mobile and try to fight them individually – the whitebacks love to shoot elemental explosives, and the jumpers, true to their name, will quickly charge at you and try to land quick melee attacks.

Once you kill the herd, gather the parts you need from their bodies and bring them to the NPCs who help you build. They’ll show you a workbench where you can craft the Diver’s Mask from the three pieces you’ve assembled, a permanent upgrade that you can use for the rest of the game.

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