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Circuits are used in V Rising to research new technologies. With these materials, you will be able to unlock items such as furniture, weapons, and new potions. Unfortunately, getting enough circuits to research can be a little tedious, but we’re here to help.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how you can efficiently mine schemas. We will talk about the best places on the map to collect them, as well as how they can be crafted. Since this is high level material, you may find some spoilers in this guide; if you are still using research paper or scrolls, be careful! First, let’s look at how you can use charts for research.

Using Schemas in the Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is a Tier 3 research stand that is unlocked after you defeat Raziel the Shepherd for the first time. This is a level 60 boss that can be found in DanlĂ­ Monastery located in the middle of DanlĂ­ Farmland.

After defeating him, you will be able to create an Ateneum from the following materials.

  • 8 reinforced boards
  • 40 scrolls
  • 12 scourging stones

In the new Athenaeum, you can research new technologies using 100 schematics.

Tip: As you defeat enemies, you may also stumble upon Athenaeus’ research books. This will allow you to explore a specific subject without using schematics.

Farm schemes

Schematics are a high level item, so you will have to fight high level enemies to find them.

As a rule, schemes can be found on enemies in the Silver Hills. Enemies here are from level 60 and above, so when looking for schemes, it is important to be prepared: one wrong move and you can die!

In order to efficiently mine schematics, we recommend heading to Brighthaven. This is a large urban area on the western side of the Silver Hills, which consists of the following smaller sections.

  • Suburbs of Brighthaven:
    • There are two districts with this name
  • Slums of Brighthaven
  • Brighthaven Square
  • Brighthaven Cathedral
  • Brighthaven Docks

This area has a variety of enemies that can drop with schematics, as well as chests that can contain them. Even if the “Important Loot” section of the map doesn’t list schematics for all of these areas, you can still find them.

Tip: While here, don’t forget to destroy any crates you see, they may contain hidden circuits. Like chests and enemies, crates respawn after a certain amount of time, so you can destroy them again for a chance to get more schematics.

army camps

You can also find schematics at army camps and outposts around the Silver Hills. These are small areas filled with soldiers that can deal a lot of damage.

However, with a group of vampires, you can easily deal with any soldiers that stand in your way. Just like in Brighthaven, you can get schematics from enemies or from chests in the area.

Route pharma

In the image above, you can see a great farming route in the Silverlight Hills.

Starting at the bottom entrance to the zone, head northwest until you reach Brighthaven. Along the way, you can destroy all the army camps that you pass by.

Look for the schematics in Brighthaven, and once you’ve looted and plundered as many as you can, head east to a large army outpost.

Finally, return to the beginning, passing several small army camps along the way. From here, you can either leave and return to your castle, or make another loop around the Silver Hills. By the time you get around, the enemies will start respawning, allowing you to continuously complete this farming loop.

Creating diagrams

Schematics can also be made in the Printing Press. To unlock the ability to create them, you first need to defeat the Damned Weaver’s Womb. This is a level 72 boss that can be found in the Cursed Forest, in the nest of the Cursed Weaver.

Tip: Cursed weaver Matka is a strong enemy, so prepare durable weapons and armor, otherwise you will die quickly.

After defeating him, a schematic recipe will open, for the manufacture of which the following materials are required.

  • 8 scrolls
  • 4 spectral dust
  • 24 silver ore

Keep in mind that if your printing press is indoors with a suitable floor, the amount of materials needed and production time will be reduced. The Printing Press is the library’s production station, and the library floor can be obtained by researching the scrolls in the office.

That’s all there is to know about farming schemes! All in all, we recommend heading to the Silverlight Hills and looking for this research material. Crafting may be the safer option, but it will require a lot of valuable resources that can be used elsewhere.

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