Where to buy Fat Bran in Tower of Fantasy

Some of the ingredients in Tower of Fantasy are quite simple. You can find them everywhere. However, some ingredients are quite rare and worth finding. For example, fatty bran is an extremely rare ingredient that you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, if you want to get this high quality cut of meat, you will need a lot of time and patience. Here is where you can get it.

Fatty cuts are one of the most hard-to-find ingredients. This is because they have an extremely low drop rate and not every creature can drop them. However, there are a few places where you might be lucky enough to get them without too much trouble.

Where to find Fat Bran in Tower of Fantasy

The best place to harvest silver carp is the Corona region. This is the fourth region you’ll enter in the story, but you can get there as early as Chapter 2 if your suppressor is strong enough to counteract the radiation in that region. The Corona region is located to the east of Bangs. Once there, head to the central area marked on the map above. In this area you will find mines.

Honey badgers can be found along the rivers. These creatures have a high chance of dropping as Fat Cuts. In addition, these creatures are quite easy to defeat.

How to use bran fat in Tower of Fantasy

Fatty cuts are good at restoring satiety to your character. They give four satiety points if eaten. Unfortunately, that’s all they give, so it’s best to use them with meals rather than gobble them up for points. Adding a cut of fat to a meal will help increase the amount of health and satiety points that the meal provides.

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