Where to buy air fruits in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy you will find many strange and interesting ingredients. These ingredients can be used in meals to help your Sim regain health and satiety. One of the many ingredients you may come across is puffed fruit. This strange ingredient looks like one of those spiked seeds that has become gigantic. Although they look weird, airy fruits are something you’ll want to get your hands on.

Where to find air fruits

Some ingredients are easy to find, while others are pretty well hidden. Airy fruits are one of those ingredients that you can look for hours and never find. Unfortunately, there seem to be only a few spawn locations.

If you want to get your hands on the Balloon Fruits, you can find them in the regions of Astra and Navia. If you stumble upon them, you can easily get air fruits at the beginning of the game while staying at the Astra Orphanage. Fruit locations are marked on the map above. It is in these places that we are most fortunate to find this ingredient. When you find them, you will find a green, spiky fruit on a short stalk, similar to how strawberries grow.

How to use air fruits

Fruit balls are very healthy to eat without other ingredients, and they are great if you need to heal quickly and do not have other ready-made food with you. Eating a fruit restores two points of satiety and heals your character for five percent of their total health plus an additional 6,800 health. You can still use this fruit in food if you visit any of the cooking stations scattered throughout the various regions of the game.

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