What to choose: cooperation or cooperation in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: multiplayer guide

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a spin-off game from Gearbox’s popular Borderlands franchise, which is known for its chaotic FPS environments and great sense of humor. Like many other games, it is best played in a group for maximum enjoyment.

Collaboration or cooperation: what to choose?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is no exception! You will have even more fun if you participate in these hectic shootouts with your buddies. However, before you begin, you need to make one vital decision: Collaborate or Cooperate? In this article, we will discuss the differences between these game modes. It should be noted that while the game asks you to choose one of these when creating a new character, it doesn’t matter if you’re not playing with other people.

What is the difference between cooperation and competition?

There are two main differences between these two game modes:

First difference: If you’re playing in Co-op mode, the drop-down loot is unique to each player. Other people playing with you won’t even be able to see the loot you drop, let alone take it away from you! There is no reason to panic and try to pick up equipment while the fight continues and you are being overwhelmed by bullets and mushrooms.

Meanwhile, in the Co-op mode, the loot is shared. This means that everyone can see the same gear at the same time when it drops. A party member might pick up a nice item from a kill that no one saw, or a hidden chest, and just not mention finding it. Your party will decide for itself whether you want to argue about how to divide things fairly, or just adopt a first-come-first-serve mentality.

Second difference: In Co-op mode, enemies are scaled according to your personal level. This means that you won’t have to fight level 30 monsters just because the game owner is way ahead of you, but the game owner won’t have to fight enemies that seem pathetic and weak. The consequence of this is that all the equipment you find is also selected for you personally.

If you are playing Co-op mode, then the opposite is true. Enemy levels and loot will match the main player level for all party members. It can go both ways: advanced high-level players may feel frustrated at being killed so easily, while low-level beginners may get fed up with being killed by everything that moves.

Can you change your mind?

Luckily, if you’ve chosen one option and want to try a different game mode for whatever reason, you won’t be tied to your choice. Not only can you select it when you start a new party – after all, different players may have different preferences – but it is also set during the game, although your party will have to leave the instance and re-enter it to give the game a chance to reload.

What types of multiplayer games are available?

Thankfully, Gearbox hasn’t forgotten about the value of split screen, so Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands can be played in many different ways!

  • Online
  • By local network
  • LAN
  • Split screen for two players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • Split screen for four players on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5

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