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In Genshin Impact, Dry Seed is a new single-use quest item. The seed is in a chest in the Breach, so players must first unlock the Breach in Genshin Impact. Players who are rank 27 or below will not be able to obtain Dry Seed until they level up, as rank 28 is the minimum rank required to start the Mystery of Qixing Rocky Gates world quest, which ends with the seal being broken from the underground mines of the Rift. Another prerequisite for opening the Rift is the Archon quest “The Approach of a New Star”, which players must complete before entering the Rift.

What is Dry Seed

A dry seed is a “seemingly withered object” which, when examined, turns out to be nothing more than a seed. Although his purpose is currently unknown, he is most likely related to the release of Sumeru, the upcoming Dendro region in Genshin Impact. The quest item is in a chest in the underground mines of the Rift deep below Teyvat. However, players need to complete a few steps before the chest appears and unlocks its contents. Players need to teleport to Rift: Underground Mine. After looking at the Underground Rift Mines map, players should find a small island surrounded by water, southeast of the teleport point; that’s where the Dry Seed is.

Where to find Dry Seed

To get to the Teleporter Rift on this island, players will need to slide down, looking for a cave located above a wooden platform. Upon entering a hidden cave in Genshin Impact, players must take a few steps before an Exquisite Chest containing a Breach appears:

  • There will be two Geo Barrels in front of the wall blocking the path. If you attack the barrels, they will explode, destroying the wall and clearing the path;
  • Use elemental vision to find the leaves. Touch each of the leaves to collect them;
  • When the leaves are collected, activate the nearby Totems by attacking them with the appropriate elements: Electro, Anemo and Geo;
  • Once all three Totems have been activated, an Exquisite Chest will appear;
  • By opening the chest, the player will receive a Dry Seed, as well as a new achievement “People from the Valley of Life”.

What is Dry Seed for?

The purpose of the Dry Seed is currently unknown, however Paimon’s dialogue hints that the seed is related to the Dendro region, Sumeru. A culinary event expected in the second half of Genshin Impact version 2.6 involves the character Sumeru, whose identity is yet unknown. In the Spice of the West event, players will help a Sim research spices. Perhaps Shriveled Seed is one of those spices? Alternatively, the Traveler might have to plant a seed in Sumeru or use it to gain access to a new region. It is known that Dendro’s future playable character, Yao Yao, will help the Traveler get to Sumeru, so it’s possible that the seed will play a role in this journey. In either case, players may obtain the Fallen Seed by following the steps above and place it in their storage inventory until its purpose is known.

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