Weapon upgrades in Sniper Elite 5: how to open and use

In Sniper Elite 5, players can unlock upgrades for any weapon they use to increase their performance in gunfights. While players can easily upgrade their weapons with attachments, finding those attachments is a separate process. In Sniper Elite, players can find upgrades for three types of weapons: the titular sniper rifle, secondary weapons, and secondary weapons such as pistols. Unlike previous games in the Sniper Elite series, in Sniper Elite you can turn on the famous X-Ray mode when shooting at enemies. In Sniper Elite 5, the increased focus on secondary and secondary weapons makes weapon upgrades highly sought after.

Players can unlock new weapons as they progress through the storyline of Sniper Elite 5 and complete different tasks on each of the game’s maps. Each weapon can be seen on the loading screen, next to which the requirements to unlock the weapon are displayed. Because Sniper Elite 5 doesn’t have the slow paced nature of the board game Sniper Elite, for example, the weapons are unlocked fairly quickly by completing story mode challenges. In addition, once players have unlocked a weapon, they can upgrade it using the loading screen.

Before players can customize their inventory and upgrade unlocked weapons, they must first unlock upgrades. Weapon mods are collected by visiting workbenches scattered throughout the Campaign Mode levels. Each level has three workbenches: one for rifles, one for submachine guns, and one for pistols. As players approach the workbench, a golden down arrow symbol will appear on the map. When players examine the golden map marker, they will find a workbench in the common area. Players may need to use the X-Ray ability first to take out enemies, but shouting “Vive La France” is optional.

Find and unlock weapon upgrades in Sniper Elite 5

When players approach the workbench, they will be prompted to “Use Workbench”. After using a workbench for the first time, players will unlock a set of tools corresponding to the workbench. Purchased kits will unlock various attachments that can be installed in the equipment screen. Attachment packs include upgrades such as handgun mobility mods, SMG accuracy control kits, and stealth accessories for the rifle. In addition, each bundle contains at least one weapon attachment, which can increase the player’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

Weapon mods in Sniper Elite 5 are too valuable not to be acquired as you progress through the game. Before exiting the quest, players must find all three workbenches in the level. While secondary weapons like SMGs and pistols may not be used as often as the sniper rifle in Sniper Elite 5, the upgrades are worth finding. Also, with the right weapon upgrades, it will be easier for the player to shoot Hitler while wearing the heirlooms to get the Sniper Elite 5 trophy associated with that action.

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