Watch or Voodooists in Cyberpunk 2077

Towards the end of Cyberpunk 2077’s “I Walk The Line” main quest, players are faced with a difficult choice. The point of the entire mission is to find Netrunner and destroy him so that Placid can free the captured Voodooists, but at the last moment this goal is called into question due to key information revealed to the players by a Netwatch agent.

It’s no secret that Night City is full of deceit and fraud, and according to a Webwatch agent, Placid plans to kill the player after he reaches his goal. With this in mind, the Webwatch agent gives the player a choice: he can switch sides and let him go free instead of killing him. This is just one of the many choices Cyberpunk 2077 players will face, though it won’t have a major impact on the game’s main story.

Side with the Voodooists

If the player decides to stick with the plan and disable the Webwatch agent, Placid uses the malware he planted on the player to attempt to kill V as well as the other Webwatch agents, but the player manages to survive.

As a result, they manage to leave the camp without a fight, as everyone else in the area is dead. In the next mission, “Transmission”, everything will proceed normally, without any unforeseen side effects, except for the death of agents of the Netwatch during “I will pass the line.” V can safely exit the Voodooist lair after completing the “Transmission” mission, and returning to the lair will show all its inhabitants as green friendly markers.

If, after this betrayal, the players still have a dislike for the Voodooists, V can attack them at the end of the next “Transmission” mission. Please note that this is a rather difficult fight, in which both Maman Bridget and Placid participate. This gives V a chance to retrieve Placid’s Timeworn Trench Coat.

Side with a Marine agent

On the other hand, if the players decide to make a deal with a Webwatch agent, he will actually keep his end of the deal. He removes the malware from V, frees the prisoners that V came here for in the first place, and allows V to leave without fighting other enemies.

However, at the end of the next mission “Transmission”, Maman Bridget and the other Voodooist runners will die, and from that moment on, the rest of the gang will be hostile. In addition, players will have to fight to get out of hiding.

This time, a fight is virtually inevitable, as by siding with the Voodooists and choosing to attack them after the “Transmission”, V gets to choose between peace and violence. The fight is quite difficult as both Mama Brigitte and Placid are involved, but it’s a great way to get the legendary Casual Cloak from Placid. Killing all the Voodooists is also great for players who prefer to earn experience points and like small challenges.

Which side to take: the Network Watch or the Woodists?

Regardless of which player chooses, be sure to pick up the Bully mod after the Webwatch agent in this room before leaving. Both options have their share of moral ambiguity and implications, but in terms of gameplay, it looks like the Voodooist option will be the better one. Players who are wary of a difficult fight against numerous enemies in the future should definitely not anger the Voodooists, since it is quite simple to destroy the agent of the Netwatch.

However, from V’s point of view, it’s in their best interest to accept the offer of a Network Watch agent, as it will save them a lot of malware problems. Moreover, some players may argue that working with the Webwatch is the right choice, given how the Voodooists treated Evelyn Parker and contributed to her unfortunate fate.

However, at the end of The Transmission, players will have an inevitable fight that will be insanely difficult to survive alone in a lair full of Voodooists.

Casual raincoat

  • Type: Legendary;
  • Number of slots for mods: 4;
  • Armor rating: 70 points.

Although Cyberpunk 2077’s Casual Cloak can be purchased from Jinguji, Placid is the only source for the Legendary version. The jacket represents the Entropism clothing style, and the easiest way to get it is by siding with a Netwatch agent in “I Walk The Line”, though as stated, once you side with them, you can turn against the Voodooists if V decides to go for violence after the end of the mission “Transmission”.

It’s not the best item of clothing in Cyberpunk 2077, but it’s a rare Legendary item that players who love to collect might want to get their hands on it.

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